Useful Relapse Prevention Tips for the Weekend Part 2

Useful relapse prevention tips for the weekend part 2

This is Part 2 of this article regarding some of the most useful relapse prevention tips that any addict should learn about. These relapse prevention tips are especially important to go off of during the weekend; when there is a greater chance of relapsing.

Weekend Tip 5: Assess Your Emotions

Often one of the most difficult things for an addict in recovery to do is listen to their feelings and emotions. To prevent a relapse, learn to examine or assess your daily emotions; this is a fantastic opportunity to look inside yourself. Some recovering addicts create a list of emotional triggers that may lead to a relapse. These may be emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, anger, sadness, anxiousness, etc. After each of these words, leave a space for a number between 1 and 10. This will be your score of the emotions that you are currently feeling. Try to do this on a daily basis. Later in the day examine these emotions and then identify the reason why you were feeling each emotion. For example if you gave yourself a score of 7 for anxiousness, figure out why. Then think to yourself, is this reason worth relapsing? What can I do about it? These kinds of practices will help you remain sober and will help you out in general everyday situations.

Weekend Tip 6: Have a Relapse Prevention Plan

One of the most important parts of recovery is having a relapse prevention plan ready to go. This plan should include your triggers. These will be what may cause you to relapse. A trigger may be a smell, a song, a particular person or place, etc. You may have relapsed in the past; if so, look back at that relapse and try to determine what caused it. Were there any warning signs? When doing this, listen to your inner thoughts; think about how to turn the negatives into positives and this will help you make the right decision in the future. So, it is crucial to learn to respond to the healthy and positive thoughts and acknowledge, but avoid the poisonous ones.

Weekend Tip 7: Find Support

Look for people who can give you the utmost support, especially during a possible relapse. This support may be found at addiction recovery meetings or through individuals that may include friends, family members, or your sponsor.

Weekend Tip 8: Write Down Your Support Options

Identify contact details, websites, meeting times, and people whom you can rely upon. This list should be made available to you at all times and be included in your relapse prevention plan. If at any time you feel like you may relapse, contact the individuals on your list and allow others to be there for you.

Weekend Tip 9: There is NO Good Reason to Relapse

Memorizing this relapse prevention tip and using it works on all levels. Even if you do not want to follow any other useful relapse prevention tip, at least follow this one: There is NO Good Reason to Relapse. If it helps to write it down and stick it on your refrigerator, in your car, or in your wallet, do it, because simply seeing these words can make a huge impact on your thoughts. You are able to think about this anytime of the day, and if any negative thoughts or feelings occur just say the word to yourself, “There is no good reason to relapse.”

An Ongoing Process

Relapse prevention is an ongoing process. What works for some recovering addicts will not work for others. What is important is to try them all and then work out which ones suit you the most. The recovery process is long and at times can be difficult, but with strength, effort, and knowledge, you have the power and ability to stay and remain sober.

Remember that help is always available. There are support groups in nearly every part of the world and numerous online forums that offer plenty of support. If at any time you are concerned about relapsing there are options that can help you to prevent one from happening.

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