Treatment at a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Asia

Drug and alcohol addiction rehabs in Asia are becoming the most successful in the world. Over the last few years medical experts have been noticing an increase in addicts relapsing, and an increase in cost of treatment at rehabs in the West. As more and more treatment centers in the West began to decline in success rates, rehabs based in Asia, such as ours, were increasing and the cost was significantly less.

Why Are Rehabs in Asia So Successful?

There are many answers to this question, below is five that most addicts will agree with.

More Personalised 

One of the best things about drug and alcohol addiction rehabs in Asia is the personalization the patient will receive during and after treatment. Many centers in the West do not individualize the treatment their patients receive; therefore, the patient gets treated like a number. Every addict that has ever attended rehab knows the value in personalisation, and this is one thing we are doing differently here in Asia.

Not everyone experiences or goes through the same thing when dealing with addiction, and rehabs have to understand this, that is why we are helping change this. We offer individualized treatment that is customized to fit the patient’s needs, no matter if it is a drug or alcohol addiction.

Cost Less than the West

The cost of attending a drug or alcohol addiction center in the West have continuously risen over the years, especially in the last few, even though success rates have continuously declined. Our rehab and others in Asia offer higher success rates at a lower cost than our competitors in the West.

After an addict has been addicted for years their financial situation may not be the best, and their families could have also spent a lot of their money trying to help them out over the years. This can make it hard for the addict to receive treatment at a professional center. In Asia the cost are much lower and this allows anyone to get help for their addiction.

Western Trained Counsellors

The western trained counselors are always one of the best benefits of rehabs, like ours, in Asia. The counselors have gone to school and trained outside of Asia, and most of them are from the West with many years of experience in the addiction field.

Many addiction counselors choose Asia because they are tired of dealing with other rehabs in the world that are too much like a business and not a treatment center. One of the most common reasons for working at a center in Asia is it allows them to treat the patient as an individual and not just a customer.

High Staff to Patient Ratios

When recovering it is important that an addict can be receives constant care. This means that more staff have to be hired, which means that the rehab has to be willing to hire them. In Asia most rehabs have a high staff to patient ratio. This allows each patient to get the best out of rehab during their treatment for either a drug or alcohol addiction.

In the West it is common to have a less staff to patient ratio than in Asia due to the cost, but this could also be a reason why most of them are showing a decline in success rates. Every patient will have certain needs, go through cravings, and need support during their stay. Having enough staff members to attend to the patient’s needs will also help keep the patient focused on recovering, and not just sitting around waiting for staff.

Secluded and Private

From everyday people to celebrities, one of the biggest reasons why addicts who get help for either a drug or alcohol addiction in Asia are, the rehabs are secluded and private. No one wants to be bothered by other people when they are trying to get help for a disease.

Most addicts don’t want other people to know where they are during this stage of recovery, and this is why rehabs, like ours, in Asia are becoming so popular. Seclusion and privacy are just another benefit of getting treatment at a centre like ours.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help in Asia

If you need help or if you know someone who needs help fighting an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and would like to experience the benefits of getting treated in Asia firsthand, then contact The Cabin Chiang Mai today.