The No.1 Thing You Need To Know To Leave Alcohol Rehab Successfully

The no.1 thing you need to know to leave alcohol rehab successfully

When you leave an alcohol treatment centre and return home, you’re likely to need a period of adjustment to get settled back in. Getting used to a new routine takes time and patience, and you may find not having the familiar ‘go-to’ of alcohol to depend on when life gets tough,hard to get used to. There may already be anxiety about how you will respond when confronted with familiar stressful situations?

Whilst you can’t escape the fact that temptation will present itself and at times youmay experience intense cravings, the good news is, there are thingsyou can do to make your return home after alcohol rehab successful. Keep reading to discover what.

Identify your Triggers & Stay Sober after Alcohol Rehab 

Loneliness, anxiety, stress and illness can all be triggers. For some people even a certain time of day can be associated with drinking, and it’s this stimulus that ‘triggers’ the reflex to reach for alcohol. If don’t know what your personal triggers are, then you are not able to create a plan of action designed to help you stay sober.

Have a Plan for When you Leave Alcohol Rehab

When you leave the addiction rehab centre you may be feeling euphoric and optimistic after weeks ormonths of abstinence, good food, and exercise. If you want to sustain this positive feeling and lifestyle, then, you have to keep as close to the routine that you have been following as possible.

This can and should include:

  • Going to bed and waking up at a certain time
  • Taking the time to eat well and exercise
  • Having a standing date with your sponsor
  • Planning in advance which meetings you will attend each week
  • Keeping a journal of your moods, cravings and activities

Deciding how you will maintain the structures and routines you have learnt whilst in alcohol rehab will help keep your life manageable. Also, this mindfulness will help you identify very quickly the activities, people and places which are not healthy for your alcohol recovery – so you can avoid them.

Identifying your triggers and having a plan of action for how you will manage those triggers is essential – if you want to leave alcohol rehab successfully!

With the tools, knowledge and strength that you gained in alcohol rehab, you can put systems in place that will help keep you clean and in recovery. And with the support of your aftercare team and family you can continue to build on your alcohol recovery when you’re settled back at home and in the work place.

Need To Find an Alcohol Rehab Programme That’s Right for You?

Take a look at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme run by the team here at The Cabin Chiang Mai. We offer an intensive, tailored programme that is designed to maximise your chances of recovery.  We place an emphasis on fitness and diet and our beautiful natural setting is a relaxing environment for our patients. The counselingteam is professionally accredited and western-trained, and there is top quality medical staff on hand at all times.

Lastly, when you’re ready to leavem we make sure that there is a plan created so you have the best chance of leaving alcohol rehab successfully. To discuss your individual needs contact us today.