The four stages of recovery from addiction

Once you have realised that you have an addiction to any substance, either drugs or alcohol, you have begun a long, but positive journey of recovery; free from your addiction. There are typically four stages that a person will go through. This will begin with treatment at a rehab and continue on throughout the rest of your life. Recovery from any addiction can be tough, almost impossible alone; this is why we started our rehab, to help you and anyone who wants to become sober.


Realisation: You Have an Addiction and Need to Seek Treatment at a Rehab

Once you have realised that you have a substance addiction and need to seek professional help from a rehab, you have begun the first stage of recovery. Maybe you chose to go to rehab on your own: because you were tired of the way your life was going; or a loved one insisted that you get help at a rehab. This may be because they saw the negative effects that your substance addiction was having on you and everyone around you.

There are rehab options around the world. It is important that you choose one that will benefit you most. Here in Thailand, The Cabin will allow you the chance to be able to get out of your daily environment and begin your sober life. You will be able to relax in a tropical and secluded area that allows us to help you put all of your focus and energy into recovering from your substance addiction.

During the first few days at our rehab, you may experience some doubts about your substance addiction. These doubts can create the beginning thoughts of denial and in the first stage, denial can be your worst enemy. While you are in the beginning stages of treatment at The Cabin, we will help you to get past this denial and through the first stage of recovery.


Early Abstinence: Committing Yourself to Staying Sober

The second stage of recovery is known as early abstinence. It is in this stage that you have remained committed to staying clean and continued treatment at rehab. This is also probably the most difficult stage, as you may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms, physical and psychological cravings, as well as having triggers that may tempt you to relapse back into your substance addiction.

In this stage you may encounter urges or cravings that may make you want to use. In order to combat these cravings and remain sober you will need to learn important skills and methods. Here in Thailand at The Cabin, our professional counsellors will begin to teach you skills that will help you to live a sober life. These skills will help you: throughout the rest of your treatment at rehab; recovery after rehab; get you past the second stage; and even for the rest of your life.

While you are at rehab in Thailand, the treatment methods that The Cabin offers, combined with the compassionate and determined staff, will help you to get past any urges from your substance addiction that you may have and continue on to the Third Stage of Recovery and remain sober.


Staying Sober: Continuing with Treatment and Maintaining Abstinence

Once you have maintained a clean and sober life for 90 days you will move onto the third stage of recovery. You will have most likely left rehab in Thailand and went back home to continue treatment through The Cabin’s online support, and group meetings in your area. The most important thing to maintain in the third stage is being able to stay clean and sober and prevent a relapse from happening.

You may have gotten through the physical cravings of the substance you were addicted to; however, you may still experience situations that may trigger a mental craving. It is also common for a recovering addict to have symptoms of PAWS. While undergoing treatment in Thailand, The Cabin will help you to understand what a mental craving is and what your triggers may be. These things are crucial to learn for your overall recovery.

To prepare you for the third stage of recovery, The Cabin will teach you about relapse, the warning signs of a relapse, developing healthy relationships, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and many more useful skills that will help you to maintain a sober life free from substance addiction.


Advanced Recovery: Being Able to Stay Clean and Sober

Once you have been clean for five years, you have made it to the fourth stage of recovery. The skills you learned at our rehab have now helped you remained sober for five years; and these skills will also help you remain sober for the rest of your life.

You no longer suffer from a substance addiction, and sober life has allowed you to develop stronger relationships, more confidence, and ultimately a more satisfying, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Not everyone suffering from a substance addiction will make it through all stages of recovery without relapsing. Addiction is tough to beat, but can be done! If you are ready to begin the Stages of Recovery and beat your addiction, then The Cabin Chiang Mai is ready and waiting for you. Contact us today.

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