Heal amidst nature at the Cabin Chiang Mai

Many people associate luxury rehab centers with celebrities, millionaires, and top executives; in fact, people from every kind of background takes advantage of the benefits that these treatment centers have to offer. A luxury rehab center is not just about the comfortable bed and superb facilities; they also have numerous extra benefits that a standard rehab simply may not be able to offer patients. Below are some of the extra benefits that these rehabilitation centers have to offer.

7 Benefits of a Luxury Rehab Center

Benefit 1: Patient to Staff Ratio

Patient to staff ratio is very important at any rehab. Unfortunately, many standard rehabs are unable to accommodate a large amount of staff for their patients because they lack funding. A luxury rehab center will typically have more staff members on site for each patient. This truly gives the opportunity for the patient to be under the care of a knowledgeable staff member throughout their stay.

Benefit 2: Treatment

A luxury rehab often offers some of the best addiction treatment that money can buy. Counselors, therapists, and the other staff on hand may be considered some of the best in the industry. Many of them have had years upon years of experience and know exactly how to go about treating a drug or alcohol addiction. Another important benefit of a luxury rehab is that they often offer several hours of one on one therapy each week. This type of treatment is proven to be highly effective for addiction recovery.

Benefit 3: Alternative Care

Aside from the top notch counseling and therapies offered, a luxury rehab may take pride in the alternative care that is also included in their addiction programs. Fitness, meditation, yoga, biking, massage, and other healthy pursuits are all beneficial for helping a patient both physically and mentally heal their wounds; giving them strength to succeed in their recovery.

Benefit 4: Cuisine

Cuisine is a feature that is defiantly a part of a luxury rehab center. Many will have chefs that prepare outstanding food for patients throughout the day. There is typically an emphasis on nutrition as this will help to enhance the health of the patient, which is needed for a healthy recovery.

Benefit 5: Comfortability

A luxury rehab center would not be complete without the extra amenities to help patients feel more comfortable. Many centers offer incredible private rooms with quality linens, large bathrooms, and other extravagant features. This extra comfort may seem unimportant, but it has been included to help the individual feel more relaxed and at peace with themselves, thus allowing them to become more receptive to treatment.

Benefit 6: Surroundings

Rehabs that are small, in unpleasant locations, and have a ‘hospital like feel’ can cause a patient stress; therefore, causing them to be unable to fully focus on recovery. Luxury rehabs tend to choose some of the best locations in the world. They choose these astounding locations because they are able to help a patient relax and heal from their addiction in beautiful surroundings.

Benefit 7: World Class Programs

The Cabin Chiang Mai is a private luxury rehab center located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have created a program that understands the needs of the individual. Absolutely no expense has been spared in creating this world class program to treat drug and alcohol addictions. We have some of the rehabilitation industries best counselors and staff on hand to help each patient get through their struggles.

Anyone who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol can greatly benefit from everything a luxury rehab has to offer. These treatment centers can truly uplift the mind, body, and spirit of the individual; making recovery more enjoyable.

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