Sobriety Gift Ideas to Celebrate Recovery

Unsure what to get that special someone this year who is in addiction recovery? These sobriety gifts will definitely inspire!

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be trying to think of the perfect sobriety gift for a loved-one who has or is suffering from addiction, whether or not they are in addiction recovery. There is a long list of gifts that will show your loved-one how much you care. Ideally you will want something to help them during their challenging journey through recovery. Here are a few ideas of recovery gifts that will inspire your special someone to enjoy a sober holiday.

Celebrate Recovery with these Sobriety Gifts

A Journal / Diary

A great deal of rehabilitation experts encourage addicts to start a diary or journal that they can write in every day. Writing down one’s thoughts, emotions and experiences can be a great way to process, acknowledge and relieve stress. It also helps one to feel more mentally balanced and focused. This is called Writing Therapy, and can help addicts to put their stresses and worries onto paper. This will also stop them from mulling too much over any concerns in their own heads, which often leads to feelings of anxiety and doubt. The benefits of keeping a journal are that an addict can browse back, and see their previous struggles and improvements over years to come, making it an excellent sobriety gift.

A Real ‘Rush’

Many addicts began using in the first place because they needed to feel some sort of rush, or a sense of being “alive”. An exciting experience could be just what they need in order to realise that life can consist of many fun and joyful things that aren’t harmful to their health. If you want to go extreme, take them Sky-Diving, Shark Cage Diving, or Ab-Sailing- guaranteed to cause a healthy rush of adrenaline. If the person on your gift list isn’t quite so extreme, opt for something less intense, (and more affordable) such as a calming canoe ride, or a picnic at the beach or in the park. Just make sure that wherever you take them, your loved-one will be clear from the temptations of alcohol, or other destructive substances.

A Book (or Two)

Although a book might not seem like the most personal gift at first, but if it’s a book that gives advice and insight on recovery, being sober, or any form of recovery self-help, it may be the most ideal sobriety gift for a recovering addict. There are countless books available that cover these topics. Some include:

A book would be a very practical sobriety gift, because it can be carried anywhere, and is easy for an addict to scan through if they are feeling alone, or need something to occupy boredom. Try writing them a meaningful message inside the cover for that extra personal touch.

A Day at the Spa

Everyone, both male and female, enjoys being pampered. A luxurious way to treat your loved-one could be taking them for a couple of spa treatments, or even a full spa day. Spas specialise in treatments such as mud-wraps, hot-stone massage, and sauna baths, which are guaranteed to leave a person feeling cleansed and revitalised. Recovering addicts often have health problems, and having a day of pampering could eliminate toxins caused by their previous using, not to mention that they will feel boosted and refreshed, increasing their confidence levels while decreasing their stress levels.

A Special Night

Many of us would love to splurge on our loved-ones, but sometimes it’s not financially viable. However, there are many different ways to spoil them without breaking the bank:

  • Prepare their favourite meal and set the mood with table decorations, candles, and your ‘fine china’
  • Make them breakfast in bed. Include a vase of hand-picked flowers on the tray
  • Rent all their favourite movies, make their favourite snacks, and have a movie marathon night.

More important than what you give them, is the quality time you actually spend together. Spending time, instead of money, on your loved one will show them just how much they mean to you, and inspire them to see their own self-worth – which is ultimately the perfect gift.

Meditation Beads

Another sobriety gift idea is a string of meditation beads. If an addict is feeling over-whelmed or tempted in any situation, they can simply hold them in their hand whilst practicing some mental mindfulness therapy exercises. Just having something physical to hold that reminds them of their past struggles and future goals can be quite comforting. The benefits of these beads is that they can be carried anywhere, in a pocket or a purse, and will always be easily accessible, should your loved-one need them.

An Engraved Pocket Watch

A meaningful sobriety gift to give any loved-one who has completed treatment at an addiction treatment centre (or on their own) is a pocket watch (or bracelet, necklace, etc.) with the date of their first day of sobriety engraved on it. Not only will it remind them of their dedication to their recovery every time they check the time, it will also symbolise the passing of time since their sobriety date, and help encourage them to “keep up the good work”.

Compact Mirror

A small portable compact mirror is a lovely sobriety gift: Whenever your loved-one looks in the mirror, they will be reminded of the person that they are now: Someone who is strong, wilful, and sober. This would be an excellent gift to get engraved as well!

Picture Collage

It is important for addicts to always remember that they are loved and cherished by the people in their life. One sobriety gift that can help with this is a collage of pictures of you and your loved-one. Seeing the joy in these photos, both yours and theirs will be a constant reminder that their sobriety is their true path to happiness.

The BEST Sobriety Gift of All

The holidays are not just about present-giving, but are also a time to say to your loved one how truly proud of them you are. Just knowing that they have an abundance of love and support from their family and friends will be the greatest gift of all.

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