Signs You Might Need Treatment for Addiction

Signs you might need treatment for addiction

From the down-and-out homeless beggar at the bus stop to the respectable CEO in the pin-striped suit, addiction has many faces. The route to addiction often starts out as fun and recreational, before slowly spiraling out of control.

If you’re wondering whether you need treatment for addiction, then you should read the questionnaire below.

Signs You Need Treatment for Addiction

Obsession and compulsion

Do you find yourself thinking about using on a daily basis? When using do you feel the compulsion to keep doing more? Do you feel anxious and panicked when your supply starts getting low and do you find yourself making plans to get more? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, keep reading.

Are you uncomfortable with your usage

Do you find yourself unable to stop using, or making promises to quit that you keep breaking? Do you use first thing in the morning, or steadily top-up throughout the day? Do you use more than your friends or family and are they concerned about how much you use?

Does it affect you financially

Are you spending more than you can afford or running up debts because of your using? Do you prioritise your substance of choice over other things, like bills?! Are you always short of money or do you owe anyone money for your using?

Does it affect you socially

Do you do the things you used to do, or are you isolating yourself?  Do you spend time around people who are sober, or do most of your friends use also? Do you feel more comfortable hanging out with others who are using?Are you nervous and constantly thinking about the next time you can use, when you’re with people who don’t use?

Do you want to stop, but simply can’t

Do you go to bed each night with promises to quit, but these promises rarely last more than 24 hours? Are you always saying this is the last time, but it never is? Do you lie to your family and friends about how much you’re using, often preferring to stay home and use to interacting socially? You think about stopping every day, but can’t?

If you read this and recognise yourself and your using habits here, it could be a sign that you need treatment for addiction. There are services that can help you both locally and abroad. The Cabin is Asia’s most respected drug and alcohol treatment centre – click here to take a confidential online assessment as we may be able to help you get the treatment that you need for your addiction.