Signs of Meth Use – It is a Dangerous Drug

Signs of meth use, it is a dangerous drug

Meth use is very harmful to a person. There are many signs that will show up when a person is using meth. This drug is extremely powerful and very addictive. Most people throughout the world may know someone who uses or has an addiction to meth. It is important to be able to recognize signs of use to prevent an addiction. A meth user will exhibit some or even all of the following signs.

Top Six Signs

Sign 1: Money

When compared to other drugs, meth can be cheaper. However, it can still become a costly habit, as a person uses more of the drug to get their desired high and on a more frequent basis. It is common for meth users to begin to steal from family and friends. They may have several unpaid bills and be involved in illegal activity. Job loss or being unable to keep a steady job is also a common sign of meth use or abuse.

Sign 2: Paraphernalia

In order to use this drug, users will have various kinds of paraphernalia. What they may have will depend on how they are using the drug. A user will first try it by smoking, snorting, or swallowing it. Signs of smoking meth include pipes, tubes, light bulbs, spoons, and foil. Signs that may show a person is snorting of the drug include straws, small glass mirrors, and razor blades. Often times there may be small paper envelopes and containers or vials for storing the drug.

Sign 3: Physical

There are very obvious physical signs of meth use. The most common sign is sudden weight loss and a lack of appetite. On average, people who use this drug can lose eight to ten pounds a month. A person can begin to look like they are nothing but skin and bones. A meth user may sweat profusely, have slowed breathing, and dilated pupils. They may develop sores that do not seem to heal, have burn marks on their lips and fingers, and rapid tooth decay will happen. A person may wear sunglasses or frequently use eye drops because of the warning signs that the eyes give off. If a person is smoking the drug, they may use excessive amounts of perfume. If many of these signs are present at one time, there is a chance the person is involved in meth use.

Sign 4: Behavioral

There are noticeable changes in a person’s behavior when they are using meth. A person may withdrawal from their friends and family. They may lose interest in previous activities, and at the same time seem very energetic. A person may make up ridiculous reasons for leaving so they can meet up with their using friends or dealer. They may not sleep for days, and seem nervous with a lot of energy. Once they come off the drug, they will sleep for days and may wake up with depression and low energy levels. Additional signs of meth use include; constant talking, irritability, erratic attention spans, and repetitious behavior. Repetitious behavior may be that of constant cleaning, taking things apart and putting them back together, or picking at their scalp and skin.

Sign 5: Mental

Meth users also exhibit mental signs. Although some of these signs will not show up in the early stages, they will most also be present at various times in people who have a dependence or addiction to the drug. Some of these mental signs include; paranoia, hallucinations, or delusions of parasites or bugs on the arms.

Sign 6: Dangerous Behavior

In all situations of meth use, a user may experience a loss of inhibitions and a false sense of control and confidence, which can lead to dangerous behavior. Meth use and crime normally go hand and hand.

If They Show Multiple Signs, Get Them Help

If a person is showing multiple signs of meth use or abuse and does not get help, they are at risk for developing dependence and an addiction. It may be very difficult for a loved one who finds out that a person they care about is using the drug. It is important to do more research about meth, and then develop a plan on how to get help for a person who us using meth. Being concerned about a person’s meth use may be one of the best things you can do to help them from their own self destruction.

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