Self Confidence and Addiction Help Part 2

Self Confidence and Addiction Help Part 2

Self confidence is extremely important to maintain your mental health. People who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, oftentimes, have very low self confidence and they need to start helping themselves. A lack of self confidence can keep you from pursuing any dreams that you may have.

SIX: Begin to Focus on Solutions

If you have a lot of problems or complain too much, try to begin to change. This change can come from focusing on solutions and not complaining about the problems. This is perhaps one of the best things you can do for improving your self confidence. It is important to learn how to focus on solutions, as it can really help with the addiction recovery process. Solving existing problems with reasonable solutions can even help you to prevent a relapse.

One solution to most problems is to realize that the problem is not really a problem; it is just an obstacle that will past with time. Life is full of obstacles and some people will over exaggerate these obstacles and they will turn everything into a ‘major problem’. This will not only create excess amounts of stress in their life but it will also lower anyone’s self confidence.

SEVEN: Smile

This is so simple, but it really does work. Smiling will help you to feel better instantly, it can cause you to be kinder to others, and it can even cause the people you smile at to smile. This is so simple, but yet great for improving your self confidence. Smiling is also a great way to make you feel good, especially on those down days when you are especially at risk for relapsing vack into an your addiction.

Smiling has been studied by medical professionals and it was proven to be beneficial for your heart and overall health. It sounds so simple that everyone would already be doing it. Start smiling more and you will notice an increase in your self confidence.

EIGHT: Set Practical Goals

Set a goal that you know will be able to achieve. In doing so, you will not get discouraged by failing at a goal because of its impracticality. Setting a practical goal will make you feel good and when you accomplish it a little bit of your self confidence will be boosted. Once one goal is accomplished, set another one and achieve it as well.

You can set short term or long term goals to accomplish; these can be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and so on. Remember to think practical when coming up with goals. Goals can be accomplished if you do this and this can change your life dramatically in many ways. This will most always improve your self confidence by making you realize that achieving greater things in life are possible.

NINE: Chang a Bad Habit

Everyone has habits, and some of these can be bad. Think of a bad habit you may have, that maybe you are not proud of; such as, drinking too much soda or being lazy about not attending addiction support groups. Start to change these bad habits once you realize they are there and you and others will notice major changes in you.

Find something small that you know you can do, when you succeed at this, you will feel proud, excited, and more self confident. Then change another bad habit and continue this behavior. Eventually you will know you can change any bad habit you want to.

TEN: Other Confident People

Being around other confident people is also important, especially when you are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Negative people can slowly destroy any self confidence you have, especially if you are always around these people. Think of it like this, who you spend your time with will influence you are.

It may be very difficult to separate yourself from negative people, but the more time you spend with confident, positive people, you will notice your own self confidence improving. This may sound simple but many people are not confident but they can and will be found if you look.

A Positive Life Change Will Happen

Low self confidence can have damaging effects in your life. Increasing it will change your life for the best, it can also help you fight an addiction and help you prevent a future relapse. If you have an addiction or know someone who does and want a change in life, then contact The Cabin Chiang Mai today.

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