Rehabilitation Centres Are Becoming A Globalized Strategy To Achieve Sobriety

Rehabilitation Centres Are Becoming A Globalized Strategy To Achieve Sobriety

Rehabilitation centres are springing up all around the world as westernized lifestyles assimilate themselves in developing countries, and the associated societal maladies with them. Some of the more unlikely and exotic ones include, The Nishan Foundation in Islamabad, Pakistan, and San Patrignano, in Rimini, Italy.

The Nishan Foundation is unusual because of its location in a country one would presume most unlikely to house a rehabilitation institution. It offers state-of-the-art facilities and services including detoxification and attitudinal healing. It attracts a diverse clientele of people who come from many different backgrounds and ages looking for the newest methods in sober living. San Patrignano is another new facility with a high follow-up success rate. It combines traditional methods of self-sustenance activities, along with other more contemporary programs and is affordable, although the program is longer than most others. Then there is the Serenity House Treatment Centre, which is located in Spain and offers a full English speaking program. It claims a high success rate with its long-term sobriety plan and is one of only two licensed Recovery Dynamic Centers in Europe.

The U.K. Treats Its Patients To British Hospitality

The Priory in Roehampton, England is one of the leading facilities in all of Europe. It uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as its primary method of treatment. This method is very effective for some people who are motivated and disciplined to adhere to a long term plan of recovery. The PROMIS Rehabilitation Clinic, also located in England, is a large converted farmhouse set in a forest in Kent.  Its combination of traditional and innovative treatments and programs make this a popular destination for patients looking for the solitude and tranquility of nature, to incorporate into their recovery program. Another popular and affordable center is Castle Craig, originally started in Scotland in 1988, with other locations in Romania and the Netherlands. It incorporates contemporary programs to encompass an array of various patients from different walks of life.

The United States Offers Many Different Choices For Clientele

Narconon International is a non-profit organization founded by William Beneitez, who served time in an Arizona State Prison. Started in 1966, this program has evolved from a small local program, into an internationally recognized rehab center with thousands of addicts having been successfully rehabilitated. It has expertise in helping those suffering from heroin addiction. A unique treatment community that offers homes for patients just off the beach is Sober Living by the Sea. The houses where the patients reside are run by a house parent and the treatment program is uniquely geared towards a family and casual beach type environment. For the well-heeled, the Cirque Lodge is a beautiful resort type lodge overlooking Utah’s beautiful ski slopes. It is nationally accredited and offers a week-long support course for family members as well, which includes workshops and therapeutic activities. Malibu, California is home to several internationally well-known rehab facilities including Promises, and Passages. Wonderland in Los Angeles is an extravagant place to go for sobriety; it is a favorite of many stars because of its proximity and its pampering life-style. Featuring large rooms with plush beds, it also offers “Set and Tour Support,” which means there is someone with you constantly to monitor your actions. As with all matters concerning your health – we recommend you do extensive research and speak to several potential treatment providers to ensure you choose the most suitable rehab for you.