Perfect Gifts for an Addict or Recovering Addict

Perfect gifts for an addict or recovering addict

Christmas is right around the corner; perhaps you are wondering what the perfect gift for an addict, either in recovery or not, would be? There are numerous gifts that you could purchase for a person trying to overcome an addiction, but perhaps you are looking for something that can help them to get through this difficult time; here is what some consider to be the perfect gift for Christmas or anytime of the year for that matter!

A Journal / Diary

Many rehabilitation experts tell recovering addicts to begin a diary or journal and write in it every day. This is in fact a great way to express feelings and relieve stress. This writing therapy can help them remain focused on recovery and stay mentally balanced. What is great about a journal is that it is something that can be kept for years, even decades. Most consider it something that every addict in recovery should have and make use of!

A Real ‘Rush’

Everyone is different, but many addicts used because they were seeking out some kind of ‘experience’. Why not share an experience with them, but not the drug kind, something that offers a real ‘rush’. Perhaps it could be a ride in a hot air balloon, bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting, ATV riding, etc. Or for those that may not be into the more extreme activities, there is always a night out with a nice meal, camping, or anything that provides an ultimate unforgettable sensory experience. Be sure to use your best judgment and that you stay away from places that may serve alcohol.

A Book

Well it may not be the first gift idea for most individuals, but a book on addiction recovery, sobriety, self help, etc. makes a great gift for an addict in recovery. It may provide them with wise words of advice, encouragement, and help them to occupy any boring times. There are many books on these subjects that are available. Some include:

  • Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul: Your Personal, Portable Support Group with Stories of Healing, Hope, Love and Resilience
  • Zen of Recovery by Mel Ash
  • Living Sober by AA World Services, Inc
  • Slowing Down to the Speed of Life by Richard Carlson & Joseph Bailey

A book could very well be the perfect gift because it can offer knowledge on recovery, can be taken just about anywhere, and is affordable.

A Day at the Spa

Male or female, most people enjoy a day at the spa, and your loved one could love it too. Spa treatments, such as wraps, massages, and steam baths can do wonders for anyone, but for an addict in recovery, it may be just what their body needs. Those recovering from addiction often have various health problems, this perfect gift could revitalize the body, help eliminate residue and toxins left over from using, and even give them a boost of confidence or just help them unwind from stress.

A Special Night

Perhaps you are limited with money or just want to do something extra special for the recovering addict that you care so much about. Cook them their favorite meal and top it off with their favorite dessert. After put on a movie or go outside and stargaze. It sounds so simple, but yet showing that you care and support an individual can do wonders and can truly be the perfect gift!

The BEST Gift of All

The holidays are not only about gift giving, this season tell your loved one how proud you are of them. Knowing that friends and family are by the recovering addicts side, supporting them with each and every step can be the best gift of all.