Overcoming Alcoholism: 5 Questions the Alcoholic Must Ask

Overcoming alcoholism 5 questions the alcoholic must ask 

Millions of people around the world are battling alcoholism. Recovering from alcoholism is long and challenging and takes a great deal of strength and willpower. One must be equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and a plan to overcome alcoholism.

The 5 Questions

Listed below are 5 questions that must be asked and understood before the right decision can be made. It is only then that a path away from alcoholism to sobriety can begin.

“Are My Problems and Alcohol Related?”

This question may be confusing for some. First of all, one must understand that every person has experienced problems from time to time. Some problems can be big and others very small, but everyone experiences life’s problems, but the person must make the right decision on how to deal with them.

Most people suffering from alcoholism have a very difficult time realizing that alcohol is the root of many of their problems. And any alcoholic must think about how many of their problems can be related to alcohol? Many alcoholics refuse to acknowledge the link between the two. This is because the person will be in denial about their alcoholism.

Denial means to turn a blind eye to a problem or pretend there is not a problem. So all in all, if the alcoholic can realize that the majority of their problems are caused by alcohol, then the person is one step closer to overcoming alcoholism.

“Do I Want to Stop Drinking?”

Whenever someone is making the decision to overcome alcoholism, they must ask themselves this question, and the answer must be ‘yes ‘or ‘no’. Getting sober means to stop completely, meaning not trying to set limits or cut down, but quit.

Many alcoholics realise that they have a problem, but they either enjoy drinking or the consequences or even pain is not great enough to make them want to stop. In order to overcome alcoholism, this answer to this question must be yes for the alcoholic to have a chance at sobriety.

“Am I Ready?”

“I can stop whenever I want to, I just don’t feel like it yet, I know I should stop now, but…” These are common statements that a person suffering from alcoholism will say; these statements can block the alcoholic from making a decision to overcome alcoholism.

The idea of never drinking again may seem very overwhelming for an alcoholic. This can cause some alcoholics to come up with any reason to not make that first step to getting help and becoming sober. But they must overcome this fear and answer yes to the question above, this will be the only way they will have a chance at getting clean.

“Do I Need Get Help At a Rehab?”

Making the decision to quit drinking may not be enough. Many alcoholics will need to get help from professionals at a rehab. Many will actually begin at a rehab and then continue their sobriety by attending support groups and counsellors in their hometown.

Getting help at a rehab will not only give the person the knowledge and tools to overcome alcoholism, but will also teach the person how to live a sober life once they return back home. Rehabs will teach the person how to deal with their cravings and how to spot their triggers.

Most alcoholics will answer yes to the above question, once they do this they must decide whether they will need to go to a detox center before going to rehab. If they are unsure they should speak to a medical professional.

“Will I Commit to My Recovery Plan?”

An alcoholic should also develop a recovery plan and be prepared to use it. Not having a plan or having a poor plan can lead to a relapse. Most alcoholics will have help coming up with the best plan that fits their needs during their stay at rehab.

An alcoholic can develop a top notch plan, but if they do not implement it, the plan is absolutely pointless. It is very common for a person to take several approaches to overcome alcoholism; they get sober and then become too content or too comfortable, then they relapse.

They must understand that recovery is a long process; they will have to face many challenges and overcome many obstacles. To overcome alcoholism, the person must remain persistent, be aware of what they are feeling, and use their prevention plan whenever necessary.

Overcoming Alcoholism

There are many more questions for an alcoholic when they are trying to overcome alcoholism, but they must be honest with themselves. Anyone who is serious about overcoming alcoholism and is honest with themselves can become sober and begin to live a new life.