Overcome Boredom & Prevent a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Overcome boredom & prevent a drug or alcohol addiction

There are several reasons why people begin to use drugs or alcohol. One of the most popular reasons that people engaged in drugs or alcohol is boredom. Drug and alcohol users commonly say that they drink or use because it helps pass the time and keeps them from being bored.

At a Higher Risk

Boredom can be experience by anyone, anywhere in the world. It acts as a silent predator that drains motivation, activity, and excitement in our daily lives. Boredom is commonly misunderstood and plays a very big role in drug or alcohol addiction. Those who are easily bored are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, anger, and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

It is Not Recreational

When people use drugs or alcohol to escape boredom, it is often considered to be recreational drug use. The most common recreational drugs are alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and prescription medications. This recreational use commonly turns into a tolerance and addiction.

Relapse Prevention

One of the biggest challenges that a person who is trying to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction will have to face is trying to overcome their boredom. It is crucial to learn how to overcome boredom, as it can prevent a relapse.

Various Ways

Listed below are various ways to help those who are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction overcome boredom.

Find a New “Escape Route”

An addict may use drugs or alcohol as an escape from their feelings and problems. When drugs or alcohol is being used as an escape, it is important to find a new “escape route”, especially when trying to recover from an addiction. This “escape route” should be something that is productive, enjoyable, develops personal growth, and most importantly is done sober.

Help Others

A great way to overcome boredom is to do something good for another person. An example of this is to volunteer at a local charity or other organization. Volunteering can make a person feel an increase in euphoria, energy, and peacefulness. Volunteering can give a person a sense of control in their life, and this is especially important for people suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Physical Activity

Oftentimes, when a person feels bored they will turn to things like TV, video games, and drugs or alcohol. These things will put a person’s mind and body into a slump. A great way to overcome boredom and keep an addict’s mind off of using is to engage in some sort of physical activity.

Positive People

Boredom is addictive, and it when a person surrounds them self with people who are doing nothing but sitting around and being bored, it tends to rub off. It is not only important to meet people who do not have an addiction, but to meet people who stay active, and keep a positive attitude.

Read or Write

Another great way to overcome boredom is to find a great book; maybe even one related to recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Reading helps to simulate the mind. Time will fly by, while knowledge is being gained. Writing is another great tool to overcome boredom and will keep the mind active. Daily journal writing is great, as it helps someone write down any feelings, recovery goals, and problems that may be occurring in life.

Learn to Value Time

Valuing one’s time is one of the most effective ways to overcome boredom and defeat a drug or alcohol addiction. What this means is to do things that are good for the overall health of the mind and body. When a person is able to value their time, they will not be waste it on constant boredom or using drugs or alcohol. It is hard for people when they are bored to remember that they only have so long to live, and every moment is valuable.

Boredom Can Be Dangerous

Boredom can be a very dangerous feeling. When a person is feeling constant boredom, they often stray to negative activities. It is important to take these various ways to overcome boredom and apply them whenever a feeling of boredom occurs.

Boredom can be dangerous, as it may cause a drug or alcohol addict to relapse. In order to overcome boredom and prevent a relapse a person must take action. What this means is don’t wait for boredom to kick in, prevent it in the first place. Meet positive people, engage in physical and outdoor activities, take a class, find a new hobby, stay motivated, and enjoy every moment of life.