Out of Rehab: 5 Personal Growth Strategies to Keep You on a Sober Path

Out of rehab 5 personal growth strategies to keep you on a sober path 

To help you to continue on your sober path, you must have solid ground to walk on. This solid ground takes strength and courage to not only build, but to maintain as well. However, once you have this solid ground underneath your feet, you will have the ability to continue to move forward and explore all the wonderful things that life has to offer you.  Below are five personal growth strategies that will help you to create your solid ground, thus allowing you to continue on your sober path.

Find and Maintain your Balance

This strategy will help you to realise how important a balanced life is and through this balance, you will be able to see the possibilities that are available for you to take hold of.  To find this balance within your life begin by opening your mind further and realising that there will inevitably be unstable moments throughout your life. However, when these periods take place, it is up to you on how you choose to experience and handle these times. Next, think about the things that you really want; never mind the ‘how’ and all the details in between; these will take place when the moment is right. Stay focused on what it would be like to have a better relationship or have a new hobby. By focusing on the ‘what’ versus the ‘how’ you will be able to maintain a positive state of mind and attitude; therefore, you will be able to find and maintain a balance and stay on your sober path.

Move Outside of Your Comfort Zone

The next personal growth strategy is all about learning to eliminate your fear and begin to move outside of your comfort zone. This is because true positive growth happens once you have conquered the fear of trying new things and creating the life that you truly want.  Every one of us has an established comfort zone that we have built up throughout our lives. Even if these things within the zone can cause anxiety, depression, fear, anger, etc., we tend to stay involved in them because of the fear that lies beyond the zone. Identify what it is that you want in life, then take that first step out of your comfort zone and begin to try new positive and healthy things that will improve your life and keep you on your sober path.

The Past is the Past

Dwelling on experiences and situations that happened in the past is unhealthy for the mind and can cause a ‘stress weight’ on the mind and affect your overall health. In many instances these situations have had such ripple effects that they have shaped reality even up to the current moment. Getting rid of this ‘garbage’ may take a bit of time, but once you realise what it is that is holding back your personal growth progression, you will be able to live more in the moment and enjoy life.

Become Aware of Triggers

Staying on the sober path means becoming aware of specific things or ‘triggers’ that are associated with certain experiences or memories that may cause negative problems and/or a relapse.  In the case of addiction, we often associate triggers with only going into a bar or hanging out with un-sober friends. While these are defiantly triggers for most recovering addicts, there are other ‘triggers’, such as dwelling in the past and becoming depressed or living an unbalanced life; these too can affect your sobriety.

Enjoy the Moment

All personal growth strategies are not listed, but the above will help you to walk on your solid ground and continue on your sober path. Although these strategies can be challenging, you can perform each one with time, patience, and strength. Through this you can begin to live, experience, and enjoy the current moment and therefore, life.

“Finally, what I really want is to be happy in this moment, where the magic and miracles happen. Stay in the moment and all gifts are added as you breathe and take inspired action.” Joe Vitale-