Occupations and addiction 

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are serious issues in countries around the world. Alcohol, prescription medications, heroin, meth, cocaine, and more all have their place in everyday occupations. However, statistics are showing that there are certain occupations that are predisposed to drug or alcohol addictions; meaning people working in these occupations are more at risk for abusing or developing and addiction. The careers that are listed below may be fine for many of the individuals working in them, but for some the stress and emotional strain of the position may lead to abuse or even addiction.

Corporate Executives

It may seem like a dream come true to become a CEO or high level executive. Although there are a number of benefits in these occupations, life is not always dreamy. CEO’s and high level executives have been known to develop addictions because of the pressure that these occupations put them under. They are responsible for running a company, and are also responsible for the employee’s livelihoods as well as people who have invested stock into the company. Many of these individuals holding these top positions seek solace in drugs are alcohol which in turn creates an addiction.

Police Officer

It may be hard to imagine a police officer being addicted to drugs or alcohol, but in fact it is not uncommon.

Oftentimes, a person working as a police officer becomes negatively impacted by certain things they see or even do. This occupation is known to cause high levels of stress and emotional strain; add the long hours and low pay and addiction may be right around the corner

Air Traffic Controllers

This occupation may not be a first guest, but in fact, the individuals working as air traffic controllers have a high risk of abusing or becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. This may be partly to do with the stress of making sure everything goes exactly as it should. People working in this occupation work long hours and must be alert for each and every one. Luckily the numbers are extremely low for this occupation and those who are not addicted have learn to manage with the stress.


Firefighters are known to be selfless; they are constantly putting their own lives at risk in order to protect the lives of others. However, in this occupation, workers are constantly witnessing tragedy in others lives. Many of these people have a very difficult time dealing with this stress and turn to alcohol or drugs.

Military Personnel

Addiction in the military is becoming more and more common each and every day. This is most likely due to ongoing war and the difficulty of being away from home. This occupation can cause stress, anxiety, and loneliness; drugs or alcohol may help certain military personnel to cope with these problems.


Physicians, especially those working in the emergency room are known to have addictions. This may be because these individuals are under high levels of stress, and witness depressing situations regularly. In this occupation, some workers see death every day. Some are unable to handle the death or discomfort of others. As a result, because of the easy access, they often turn to opiates or benzodiazepines.

Food Industry

Individuals working in the food industry; such as, waiters, bartenders, and cooks often abuse or have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many individuals have stated that in this occupation, there are no drug testing and their line of work “allows for it”. For those working in clubs and bars, alcohol and drugs are everywhere, making accessibility very easy. The food industry is also very stressful; people are normally having to work incredibly long hours for very little income. Financial problems, stress, and accessibility can all lead to abuse and then to an addiction.

Making Life More Enjoyable

It is important for anyone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol to get help. The Cabin Chiang Mai is a profession rehab with the tools and knowledge to help those with an addiction. Our program includes individual and group therapy, fitness, and aftercare. We will help addicts learn how to cope with the daily stress of their occupation in a healthy way, making life more enjoyable and most importantly alcohol or drug free.

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