Leaving the Addiction Treatment Centre: Structuring the First Few Weeks

Counselling room at The Cabin

Addiction rehab orders your days. While addiction seems like an uncontrollable spiral of chaos, in which nothing can be organized or structured, an addiction treatment centre provides a sense of stability with a schedule of daily activities.

How then can you find a similar sense of structure when first leaving the grounds of an addiction treatment centre? Below are some key ideas on how to maintain in the outside world the structure introduced in addiction rehab.

Streamline your daily schedule

After leaving an addiction treatment centre you may be feel the need to fill up your day with all the things you couldn’t do while away from home. But this only serves as a distraction from your addiction. Only do what is absolutely necessary for that day, be it work or errands. Grant yourself ample time for reflection, relaxation and the time to attend any post-rehab meetings or counselling sessions.

Back to the basics

Addiction recovery is about attending to your body as a whole. Keep it basic by focusing on eating healthy and getting plenty of rest – treating your body right can be as simple as those two things.

Organize your home

The mantra of professional organizers holds true – a clear space equals a clear mind. Begin with the room in which you spend the most time, and clear out any rubbish and clutter. Whichever objects don’t reflect your new sober life should be thrown out.

Make lists

With each project, make a list of everything that needs to be done. Approach this list without judgment, asking yourself to cross off one or two things at a time. Addiction treatment is about delighting in positive change no matter how small or slight it may seem.