Is It Ever Too Late to Help an Alcoholic or Drug Addict?

Is it ever too late to help an alcoholic or drug addict

Here at The Cabin Chiang Mai we get several questions each week regarding alcohol, drugs, abuse, addiction and so on. One of the popular questions we receive is from loved ones wondering if it is ever too late to help an alcoholic or drug addict. We felt that this is a very important question and the answer should be made available for anyone to read.

It is Never Too Late

While some people think that eventually it will be too late to help an alcoholic or drug addict, we feel that it is never too late to try and get clean and sober.

Three Main Reasons

There are three reasons that we can argue on why it is never too late to get help for an alcoholic or drug addict.

For the Individual

It is never too late to get help for an alcoholic or drug addict because it is always worth it for the sake of the individual. No matter what, they deserve a chance at sobriety. If they become sober, then relapse, it is their own chance. In these situations, concerned loved ones must remember that addiction is very powerful and it is very easy for an alcoholic or drug addict to get trapped in the cycle of addiction. The addict may forget that there is another path in life, which being sobriety. This is when it is important to let the addict or alcoholic know that there is always hope, even if it takes the person multiple times at rehab, they can get clean and sober.

For Family and Friends

It is never too late to get help for an alcoholic or drug addict because it is always worth it for the addict’s family and friends. Alcoholism and drug addiction can cause the family of the addict physical, mental, emotional, and financial problems. As long as the person does not get help, these problems will only continue to get worse.

To Help Others

Once the alcoholic or drug addict gets help for their addiction, they will eventually be able to help other struggling addicts. This may seem impossible, but once the person has gotten help and is sober, they will positively change for the better and like most addicts, they will want to help other people make that change. There are always older people in recovery meetings that have been suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction for decades; these people typically have some amazing stories of recovery, wisdom, and advice.

Step Back and Take a Moment

Even though we feel it is never too late to help an alcoholic or a drug addict, we do feel that there may be a time that a loved one should take a step back. There is a very fine line here. If a loved one is constantly going out of their way to do everything they can to get an alcoholic or drug addict help, but the person never makes any progress, then they should take a deep breath and step back for a little while. In doing so, the loved one is able to distress and take care of their self.

This does not mean to give up, look at is more of a break. Of course if a loved one ever feels in danger because of an alcoholic or drug addict, then they should leave the area or situation that they are in.

Two Types of Situations Manipulating the Situation

Alcoholics and drug addicts are very good at saying that they will get help, and then do not follow through. Most are also very good at manipulation, especially manipulating those nearest to them. Many will manipulate the situation of getting clean and try to reverse it on the loved one or friend by making them feel guilty. Some addicts will convince the ones around them that they can do it on their own or they have figured out how to do it best, they are most likely not ready to get help.

Taking It Seriously

If they talk about going to a rehab, a therapist, a doctor etc. and seem really willing to get help without any hesitation then take it seriously. This is an excellent first step in the right direction.

Maintain Hope

Out final answer is to maintain hope continue to encourage the alcoholic or drug addict to get help. It does not matter how old they are, or how long they have had their addiction, they always deserve a chance at living a new, sober life.

If you or someone you know needs to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction, contact The Cabin Chiang Mai today.