How to Live an Alcohol Free Life

How to live an alcohol free life 

Alcoholism affects millions of people throughout the world. Whatever the reason a person has for consuming large amounts of alcohol, there are ways in which they can learn to live an alcohol free life. Below are simple ways that can help an individual discontinue drinking and stay on the road to recovery.

Learn to Accept Help

Realistically, quitting alcohol, or any substance for that matter, by your self is difficult and most people are unable to do so. An addiction to alcohol is psychological and physiological; which includes heavy cravings that can be incredibly strong, and saying ‘I am done’ or ‘no’ may be impossible without the help of others. There are various effective methods of treating alcoholism that can help you quit; these include, meetings, therapies, counselling, and if needed a stay at a rehabilitation centre.

Do What it Takes

Living an alcohol free life is typically not something that can be done overnight; it takes a lot of time, patience, effort, and most importantly commitment.  To overcome alcoholism there are various methods and what works for one person may not work for another. Some people may be able to go to meetings and that is enough, while others may need to go to rehab and then follow through with weekly therapy. It depends on the individual and their addiction. The point is to try anything and everything that is available for getting clean and sober; one will work.

Find a New Attitude

Cravings for alcohol will eventually fade overtime; however keeping them away and preventing a relapse takes effort and most defiantly a new attitude. This begins by learning the reasons for drinking alcohol and then changing your mindset from being an alcoholic to being a person in recovery. Overtime, you will spend less time thinking about drinking alcohol and eventually may view it as ‘toxic’ or ‘disgusting’. At the same time, your overall attitude will positively evolve.

Find a New Route

Recovering from an addiction to alcohol includes breaking routines and habits. Most alcoholics will have a route or routine embedded into their head which includes the way to a bar or liquor store. Even if you are not going to the bar, but are simply taking this route to get to another location on the way, you will be putting yourself under pressure for relapsing. Instead of allowing any temptations, create a new route, even if it means allocating an extra five minutes.

Make New Friends

Being serious about living an alcohol free life includes weeding out anyone who may threaten your sobriety. As hard as it may be, it is important to let go of your drinking buddies and anyone else who may tempt you to have a drink. Some people may give you a hard time for giving up the bottle, if and when this happens, do not let their words get under your skin and affect your sobriety.  Overtime you will begin to replace your old friends with a new support system of clean and sober people.

Do Things!

While consuming alcohol, most of your energy was devoted to your addiction and included planning, thinking about, buying, lying, and drinking. Take away the alcohol and you will realise just how much new free time and energy you now have.  Find a new hobby, pursue your dream career, go to school, travel, etc.

Recovering from an addiction to alcohol will include days in which you will feel amazing and other days in which you will feel challenged by your sobriety; this is normal. The key is to recognise that both days are in fact good to experience and will help you to grow in recovery. At the same time, both of these days can be dangerous if you do not stay aware and remain focused.

If you do relapse, you are not alone so do not let it get you down. Simply go back to the first step and ask for help. Do this over and over if you have to, because it will work.

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