How to Contact a Private Rehab for Addiction

How to Contact a Private Rehab for Addiction

If you or a loved one has an addiction to drugs or alcohol and would like to go to a private rehab to get help, but you are not sure where to begin or how to contact one, then this is just the article for you.

Types of Private Rehabs

There is a wide range of help available for those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Finding the right private rehab will depend on the addiction and the resources that they have to fund the treatment.

Individual Needs

A visit to a doctor or a phone call to a rehab can give a good idea of what type of help is suitable to match the individual’s needs. For examples, some rehabs are gender specific and some only treat certain addictions.

Detox Center

Not all rehabs will have a detox center at their location; this is because some rehabs feel it is better for the addict to be at a hospital or center that only deals with detox. If this is the case and the addict has a serious addiction, they may need to go through detox before going to a private rehab center to finish treatment.

Residential Rehab

There are also rehabs that have different lengths of time that an addict can stay. For example, some private rehabs only offer 15 or 30 day programs, and others offer these as well as 60 and 90 days, and there are also long term rehabs where addicts may live there for a few months or even a few years. Some of these rehabs are public, but the best ones are always private.

Private Rehabs

Private rehabs are good for addicts because they are small and they offer various types of therapies that are tailored to the emotional and physical care of each addict. This means that each individual will have their needs met so that they can begin their road to recovery.

Contacting a Private Rehab for an Addiction

Pick up the Phone

Beginning the process of booking a spot a private rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction is very simple, and is the first step in the right direction to end the abuse or addiction. This step however, is the hardest one to take. A phone call to a private rehab center is confidential; the addict or the loved one calling for them can ask about the services that are available, addiction itself, and any problems they are experiencing, without the fear of anyone else finding out. The person is able to talk about anything they want to; the rehab center may ask certain questions to better help; such as, past history with drugs, drug of choice, and is the person ready to become sober.

Use an Online Assessment Form

Using an online assessment form is the fastest and easiest way to get started. Sometimes, an addict or a loved one is not ready to make a phone call, which is not a problem because there are online assessment forms that can be filled out.

These forms will ask various questions about the person and the addiction. Again these forms are completely confidential. When filling out one of these forms the person should try to provide as much information as possible. Most forms give you the option to be contacted through email or by phone. Expect to be contacted very shortly after submitting the form as the rehab center will want to help you as soon as possible.

Now What to Do?

Pick a Date

Just like a goal, it helps to write down the actual date that the addict will talk to a doctor, go to a detox, or go to a private rehab. As long as the addict sticks to the date, they will be able to get help. If they do not make the first date, many addicts will try to ignore it, then the best thing to do it write it down again and prepare for it.

Telling Others

Some addicts might need to tell their work or family where they are going. This might be hard for some addicts to discuss openly with other people. The best way to overcome this fear is for the addict to realize that most people will support them and will support them after they return from rehab, and if they do not, then they might not need to be around them during their recovery.

Clean House

Any addict before going to rehab should either get someone to throw away any bottles of alcohol, drugs, paraphernalia, anything that encourages use, etc. in their home or do it themselves. This is recommended so when the addict returns from rehab there will be no temptations or triggers in their home.

Get Help Now

If you or a loved one has an addiction to drugs or alcohol and would like to get treatment at a private rehab, please contact The Cabin Chiang Mai today.