How Not To Stray From Your Alcohol Recovery During the Holidays

How not to stray from your alcohol recovery during the holidays

The holidays mean celebrations – and though this is often a joyous time, for those who are recovering from alcohol addiction, it can be stressful. Family and friends may not know of your recent alcohol rehab programme, and you may feel pressured to drink during holiday parties. Below are a few points of advice to help focus on your alcohol recovery during the holiday season.

Take a Friend

A friend or family member who has seen you through alcohol recovery is a great support at a holiday party. He or she understands what you have gone through, and can offer support should you feel the urge to pour a drink. In addition, a friend can offer an excuse if you feel uncomfortable and want to leave.

Be Prepared

If the host of the party knows about your alcohol rehab programme, ask him or her if there will be non-alcoholic beverages served, and if not, bring your own. If you think that other people will question your avoidance of alcohol, have an excuse ready; maybe you have to work in the morning, of you’re just getting over being sick. Either way, prepping for the party is a great idea.

Choose Your Parties Wisely

Despite preparation though, parties where alcohol is being served will test you and the success you’ve had in alcohol recovery. You don’t have to attend every party you’re invited to, or stay for very long. Go for a half hour, and when you feel uncomfortable rely on that friend to come up with a reason to leave. There’s no point risking your health trying to fulfill every holiday invitation.

The holidays don’t have to be stressful, or test the limits of your new, sober self. Find a way to focus on the joy of holiday celebrations, and avoid any situations that might undo all the hard work that went into alcohol recovery.

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