Happy New Year 2014 and A Resolution Solution

Happy New Year 2014 and A Resolution Solution

If you have decided to become sober for The New Year of 2014, then you are on the right track. The first step after recovering from that nasty hangover from New Year’s Eve is to tell your friends and family what you are about to do for support and accountability. The people you trust the most will be supportive and help you get started. The next step is to get professional help. The quickest and easiest way is to contact a local therapist for outpatient services while researching the more effective option of inpatient treatment. After this, enroll yourself in a 12-step recovery program. You might have to try a couple of different ones to find the kind of people that you can relate to, but it is important to attend meetings to learn to interact with others healthfully. The next step is to change your routine by engaging in new activities that might even be uncomfortable for you in the beginning, but are necessary to pursue. Starting a new hobby, like learning a new instrument or taking a class, is a good idea. Some people prefer activities within the realm of nature like the Sierra Club or helping plant trees, for example. Other good activities are social clubs or volunteering to help less fortunate people than yourself, such as helping illiterate people or any other programs that teach skills, develop relationships, or assist people with supplying their basic needs. The important thing is to make sure your old routines are replaced with new ones and that they are done consistently.

Create New Routines and Don’t Subject Yourself to Old Routines

Obviously, you shouldn’t go to the same locations that offer the unhealthy environment and substance or substances that you are trying to stay away from. It seems like common sense, but for substance abusers, it is easy to make up little reasons to return to these places because the desire is so strong and the flesh is weak. Another thing that is a mind weakener is fatigue from a normally busy routine. When this happens it is good to have a friend or spouse to call for encouragement and accountability. If you have any late night routines that cause you to not get enough rest, these should be stopped or modified. Keeping a diary is helpful for some and is useful in mapping your thoughts and finding patterns that need to be changed. It doesn’t  have to be written in everyday, it can be as little as once a week, it is up to you and it is your voice being recorded reflected back to you, so transparency and honesty is important. It seems like a meaningless chore but give it a try and see if it works for you. Other media that might be helpful are biographies and auto biographies of people that have overcome addictions and succeeded in living sober, triumphantly

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