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Facilities like The Priory, Betty Ford, and The Clouds, are well known – often celebrity filled – private drug and alcohol treatment centres. However, there are thousands of people entering private alcohol rehabs every year who you will never hear about.

With the NHS information centre reporting worrying trends in the increase in alcohol consumption and underage drinking, it’s inevitable that there will be more private alcohol rehabs treatment centres needed to cope with the growing demand for support with addiction.

Seeking alcohol treatment does not mean you’ve failed

When a person – either underage or adult -makes the decision to enter into private alcohol rehab centres, usually one of two things has happened: an incident that proves the final straw for the addict; they can no longer deny the extent of their addiction and acknowledge that they need to seek treatment. Or, the addicts’ family and friends have staged an intervention to impress upon the addict not only how serious their addiction is, but the effect it has on the people around them.

The latter is often a common occurrence for underage drinkers or addicts, and it’s worth noting that early intervention and support can help to ensure their addiction is treated before it grows in scale.
Many addicts feel fear and apprehension at the idea of going into a private rehab. They wonder what friends, family and colleagues will think of them. They have concerns about their employment, professional reputation and if their life will still be the same when they exit. It’s these every day concerns that often stop people from seeking treatment when they most need it.

Taking the first step:

The staff at a private alcohol treatment centre, are not there to judge you! Their role is to help you achieve your goal of getting your mind and body back to a healthy and sober place. They will also help you understand the nature of your addiction, and provide you with the tools needed to maintain your sobriety. The addict who decides to work with staff rather than against them, often experience the best results. Alcohol addiction is a disease, and it is curable, but there’s also a long road to recovery.

Staff at an addiction centre, recognize the journey of recovery at a level often not possible for someone who has not worked closely with addicts or experienced addiction themselves. The strong support system and close personal attention – especially available within a private rehab – is often a central element of successful recovery for many addicts.

There is a lot of secrecy around entering rehabs, and often with good reason, as patients have a right to have their privacy protected, and personal matters handled with discretion. A quality rehab will be able to offer you all that, and much more.

If you feel you need the level of support offered at a private alcohol rehab centre, contact the staff at The Cabin, Chiang Mai today.

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