Do You Need Rehab for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Do you need rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction

There may be no doubt for some people and their families that treatment at a rehab is needed to overcome an addiction. However, you may have doubts and really question the need of rehab. These doubts may be because you may not feel like you have a full blown addiction, that you are able to control your intake of alcohol or drugs, you can control your life, or you can quit on your own.

If you ask yourself, “do I need to go to rehab”, chances are you do. By asking that question you are admitting that you have a problem and rehab will give you the chance to heal your drug or alcohol addiction.

Are You an Abuser or an Addict?

There is a fine line between abuse and addiction. You may not understand the difference between the two. If you feel you only abuse drugs or alcohol, you may wonder if you really need to go to rehab.

Are You Abusing?

Abuse is when you use drugs or alcohol for pleasure or to escape from problems or reality, in spite of any negative consequences that may occur. You may have control over your use and life, and not be completely reliant on the substance. If you do not stop, the abuse will turn into an addiction.

Do You Have an Addiction?

Addiction is the compulsive use of a substance, regardless of the social and health effects that it may cause. Addiction can be physical, psychological, or both. You will do anything to get drugs or alcohol, in spite of any negative consequences. You have lost any kind of control that you had in life.

Some people feel that if you are only abusing drugs or alcohol, you do not need treatment at a rehab. However, the abuse of drugs or alcohol is still very harmful to your mind and body. If you still have control over your using, but you are feeling that you’re becoming dependent on the drug or alcohol, then you would greatly benefit by going to a rehab.

If you are abusing but do not have an addiction yet, treatment at a rehab may be a little easier; you will be able to learn how to live a life free from abusing drugs or alcohol.

Do You Have Addiction Related Problems

Job Loss?

If you get out of bed and feel like you must drink or get high in order to begin your day then you need to get help at a rehab. If you are at this point, there are probably other problems that are going on; you may have lost your job. If you are still working, you may only be working to get money to buy your drugs or alcohol.

You may make up excuses on why you need to drink or get high when you wake up, and this behavior could cause you to lose your job. An example of this may be, “I need drugs or alcohol in order to do my job right.” Going into a job high on drugs or drunk on alcohol will most likely cost you the job. Before you lose your job to addiction, get treatment at a rehab so your problems and addiction don’t become worse.

Family or Friend Problems?

If using drugs or alcohol has caused your family or friends to disassociate with you, then there is a good chance that you need help; time to go to rehab. Addiction causes a great deal of pain for your close family members or friends. In most cases, it takes a lot for a family to avoid their loved ones; if this has happened to you, then your addiction could be the reason for this. If you go to rehab, not only will you get clean, but you will be able to learn ways to rebuild relationships with your family and friends.

Legal Problems?

You may have problems with the law. These may be things like drunk driving, possession, intoxication, stealing, or any kind of illegal matter that was a result of your addiction. If you have had any kinds of problems with the law, especially criminal charges, then you need to get treatment at a rehab. In many cases, getting clean at a rehab can look very good to a judge. If you are currently dealing with criminal matters, then getting into a rehab will get you clean and may save you from going to jail.

Ask Yourself, Do I Need Rehab?

There are other things that you can ask yourself when deciding if you need to go to rehab. Below are a few questions to ask yourself.

Have I ever promised myself or others that I would cut down on my drug or alcohol use, only to find that I am unsuccessful in doing so?

Do I feel guilty about my drug or alcohol use?

Do I ever stay drunk or high on drugs for more than a few days at a time?

Recognizing an Addiction

Once you recognize an addiction, you are unable to control your actions and being able to stay sober is nearly impossible, you need to go to rehab immediately. If you can get to a rehab and remain there for the entire treatment, you will be able to get out of your everyday environment and learn new strategies to help you stay clean and sober. The more time that you are at rehab, the more you will be able learn to help you recover from your addiction.

The Cabin Has the Tools

The Cabin Chiang Mai has come up with an assessment for anyone to take. This assessment can give you an idea of where your drug or alcohol use is at. If you are not sure about your drug or alcohol use and whether or not you should go to rehab, then ask yourself the above questions and take our online assessment. If you feel like you need to get help at a rehab then contact The Cabin Chiang Mai today.