Discover a Healthy High That Will Help Your Addiction Treatment Instantly

Discover a healthy high that will help your addiction treatment instantly

Most addicts will be all too familiar with the rollercoaster of euphoric highs (when using) and the low moods – when their ‘stash’ runs out and their serotonin levels start to plummet! But there is a natural, healthy ‘high’ that does no damage to yourself or anyone around you. And not only will it compliment your addiction treatment and recovery, but it will leave you looking and feeling in great shape too!

Still wondering what this ‘healthy high’ is, and how it will benefit you?  Then now’s the perfect time to say: Exercise is good for everyone!  And, there’s no better time to start incorporating it into your daily routine than today. Here’s how.

Just do something

Getting started is usually the hardest part. Dragging yourself out of bed to do a 5k run or strength-training session is not easy. Bad habits of a lifetime are difficult to change, but your breakthrough will come when you decide to do something – anything!

Don’t go it alone

Some people prefer to work out in solitude with nothing but their own motivation to keep them showing up and working hard. Whilst others, see far better results when they commit to working out with another person to keep them accountable. When you first start incorporating exercise into your addiction recovery program, it can be very helpful to have someone to support and encourage you.

Choose an activity that you like

Starting an exercise regime is difficult, but making regular improvements in strength, stamina and physical appearancewill motivate you to keep going. If you chose an activity that you don’t enjoy, you’re morelikely to become bored and quit before you see any real progress. To give yourself the best chance of success try and choose an activity that is fun and doesn’t require specialist equipment. Jogging, dancing, powerwalking and body-weight exercises are all great places to start.

Keep track of your progress

Starting an exercise regime as part of your addiction treatment, does not have to be about losing weight. Quite often, the quickest and most notable gains are found in your energy, stamina and flexibility.  It’s a good idea to regularly track your progress in a diary so not only can you see how many days you have worked out, but be aware of changes in weight, muscle mass and overall fitness.

Mix it up

After a few months of regular exercise you may find that you reach a plateau. This is not unusual, but it can be very disheartening, and at this point many people quit. The trick to overcoming fitness plateaus is to try different exercise and workouts routines.

Recovery from addiction is made a lot easier when you are feeling mentally and physically strong, anda regular exercise routine helpsgive you a better chance of successful, long-term recovery. At The Cabin Chiang Mai, exercise is an important and integrated part of the recovery program, so why not contact us today to find out how our addiction treatment program can help you.