Different types of Alcohol Rehab Programmes: What Type do you Need?

Different types of Alcohol Rehab Programmes What Type do you Need

Alcoholism is a serious condition where people find themselves dependent on drinking alcohol to get through their day to day lives. Some researchers believe one reason for alcohol dependency is a genetic pre-disposition to it, but many are of the opinion that the condition is specifically related to life events. Alcohol rehab programmes allow a person to face the root cause of their dependency on alcohol and learn to cope, adjust and move on with their lives.

There are three primary options for alcohol rehab: support groups, in-patient rehab and out-patient rehab. Each treatment option offers different benefits.

Support Groups – they are the preferred choice for addicts early on in their addiction, or those who have completed in-patient or out-patient programs and are looking for a way to maintain their sobriety. The groups meet weekly – sometimes daily –  and give members the chance to share and learn from each other’s success and mistakes. Support group meetings are anonymous and new members are invited to find a “sponsor”. Typically your sponsor is also a recovering alcoholic who understands the struggles you will face is available to support you and help you avoid relapse.

Out-patient rehab programmes – are designed to allow the patient access to treatment whilst remaining part of their community. The suitability for an out-patient  programme  is very much dependent on where any addict is with their addiction. Whilst the care is not as dedicated as you will find with inpatient rehabs, many patients find out-patient treatment to offer a level of support that enables them to get and remain sober.

In-patient alcohol rehab – provides the alcoholic with a long term rehabilitation plan that allows them to get around the clock care and help. These programmes are often frequented by addicts who may have already tried group support and outpatient care with little success. However, some addicts by pass those other treatment models and seeks rehabilitation in a dedicated facility, as their first choice. Inpatient alcohol rehabs provide extensive care to help the alcoholic realize and address their emotional and physical dependency – their addiction. In order to quit the alcoholic must often first come to terms with the fact that there is now what they – and society – consider a normal part of everyday life, which they now must eliminate permanently- this is not easy. They also have to be willing to make changes in their lives, thinking and behaviours on some very fundamental levels and, receiving support of this kind is usually most effective in inpatient rehab.

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