How to tell a child that you are going to rehab for treatment

How to Tell a Child that You are Going to Rehab for Treatment

Once you are able to fully admit to yourself that you have a problem, you have begun on the right path; deciding this takes a lot of conviction, courage, and strength. However, it is common for parents to feel they should not tell their child/children that they have an addiction and are going to rehab…
Addiction Recovery Get a Boost by Eating Healthy

Get a Boost by Eating Healthy

An addiction to drugs or alcohol greatly affects an individual’s body; therefore, discontinuing use is only the first step to a healthy long lasting recovery. It is a fact that eating healthy foods can make a difference between long term sobriety and relapsing. Let’s take a look at why nutrition is crucial to recovering addicts….
5 Fun Creative Activities to Do in Recovery After Treatment for Addiction

5 Fun Creative Activities to Do in Recovery After Treatment for Addiction

How can I have fun? This is one of the most common questions that a recovering addict will ask at a detox centre or during treatment for addiction. This is because when the addict was drinking alcohol or using drugs, having fun most likely involved their substance of choice. Their life revolved around their addiction,…
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How Can an Addict Get Through Opiate Withdrawal?

Withdrawal from any opiate is not easy, and in fact for most people is one of the most difficult experiences of their life. Because of the physical and mental pain of opiate withdrawal many people are unable to break free from their addiction. Many people who decide to get clean relapse by the end of…
What is methaqualone (quaaludes) and how is it used and abused

What is Methaqualone (Quaaludes) and how is it Used and Abused?

Methaqualone (Quaaludes) is a depressant that affects the central nervous system. Although completely unrelated, it is said that this drugs effects are similar to those of barbiturates. Although many people are not familiar with methaqualone (Quaaludes), it is a commonly abused drug in many areas in the world, especially in South Africa. Its effects are…
The four stages of recovery from addiction

The Four Stages of Recovery from Addiction

Once you have realised that you have an addiction to any substance, either drugs or alcohol, you have begun a long, but positive journey of recovery; free from your addiction. There are typically four stages that a person will go through. This will begin with treatment at a rehab and continue on throughout the rest…
Over the counter medication abuse and addiction

Over the Counter Medication Abuse and Addiction

Over the counter (OTC) medications are obtainable easily, are highly abused, and cause addictions in many people. Today in rehabs across the world, OTC are accounting for a large amount of addictions being treated. Because you can buy them without a doctor’s prescription, many people think that they are not harmful, and not addicting. It…
10 Side Effects of Prescription Drug Abuses

10 Side Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

Like any kind of drug abuse, using prescription drugs against what a doctor’s orders is abuse and has serious risks for a person’s health. With prescription drug abuse comes numerous side effects. It is important to recognise these side effects and get help; in doing so, further health risks may potentially be avoided. Most Abused…
Dance as addiction treatment fallen angels dance theatre

Dance as Addiction Treatment: Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

  Paul Bayes-Kitcher, a former dancer with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, just finished his first season as director of U.K.-based Fallen Angels Dance Theatre. The group presented their first piece entitled Chapter One: Battle for the Soul, a narrative and emotive dance performance. And despite only founding the company in 2011, Bayes-Kitcher and his dancers…
Private treatment are designed with your recovery in mind.

5 Ways to Help You Stay Clean and Sober Recovery

There is not only one way to stay clean and sober in alcohol or drug recovery, in fact there are various ways to do so. Each and every addict is different and there are different stages of recovery from an addiction. This means that it is very useful to understand the different ways to help…