The Most Common Addictions of the Modern World

Discover the Most Common Addictions of the Modern World

The modern world has added new addictive behaviours. Learn the most common modern addictions and where to get help to overcome them.
UK Eating disorders

What Eating Disorders in the UK Can Teach Us

Eating disorders affect people globally. We’ll explore eating disorders in the UK to get a better idea of the extent of the issue.
Semaglutide Pen

There’s an Alternative to New Weight Loss Drugs

Many individuals are turning to new weight loss drugs for a quick fix. In this blog, we’ll explore these drugs making waves on the market, their mechanisms, effectiveness, and potential health risks.
Obesity in America Still on the Rise is it Linked to Food Addiction

Obesity in America Still on the Rise — is it Linked to Food Addiction?

Despite efforts to decrease obesity rates in America, studies have found that lower income families are still at high risk, and the cause may be hidden food addiction. A recent report reveals that obesity rates in America are still rising despite all the attention that has been directed towards the problem in the past several…
Food Addiction

Food Addiction

Overcoming Food Addiction

Overcoming Food Addiction

With the introduction of refined sugars into modern diets, an alarming portion of the world’s population seem to be swallowed up by food addiction. Food addiction is a new and controversial term, but the many people who have experienced and overcome food addiction will tell you that this addiction is very real. But how do…
Child Addicts - the Dire Reality of Sugar Addiction

Child Addicts – the Dire Reality of Sugar Addiction

Delving into the Addictive Qualities of Sugar Growing evidence illuminates the addictive nature of sugar, drawing parallels between its effects and those of substances like cocaine and nicotine on the human brain. Adults worldwide are seeking assistance for their struggles with food addiction, with sugar potentially acting as the primary culprit. The Pivotal Question: Can…
Understanding the Obesity Epidemic The Role of Food

Understanding the Rise in Obesity: How Food Plays a Part

Food addiction and obesity are growing problems in countries around the world.  There are many factors theorised to contribute to obesity. However, the two main culprits of the epidemic are thought to be increased caloric intake and less physical activity. As the world has modernised, there is greater availability of food for many people. At…
Food Addiction vs. Sugar Addiction What’s the Difference

Food Addiction vs. Sugar Addiction: What’s the Difference?

The terms ‘food addiction’ and ‘sugar addiction’ are flooding the media these days. But what do they mean? Are they the same thing? With obesity and its associated negative consequences on the rise – not only in North America and Australia, but around the world – researchers have been focusing a lot of attention on…
Eating the right foods to help prevent a relapse part 1

Eating the Right Foods to Help Prevent a Relapse Part 1

Eating Right Can Help Depression Many addicts suffer from depression and other emotional disorders. For some addicts these emotions are part of the reason why they began using drugs or drinking alcohol in the first place. Eating the right foods can help to improve or even eliminate depression and other negative emotions. Eating right can…