Ben Affleck’s Return to Rehab: What this Says About Addiction

What Ben Affleck’s Return to Rehab Says About Addiction

Ben Affleck recently checked in for rehab to deal with his alcohol addiction. This makes it his third shot at rehab since 2001. While some may see this as weakness, what it really shows is how reaching out for help is a vital component along the journey of recovery. Sharelines Ben Affleck, award winning American…
Long Term Effects of Alcohol – The Facts & Dangers

Long-Term Effects of Alcohol – The Facts & Dangers

Even when alcohol is consumed in moderation, it wreaks havoc on our mind and body over time. Learn how stopping now can benefit the rest of your life. Alcohol is both legal and readily available across most of the world. It’s celebrated and placed in the limelight in the movies, music and a myriad of…
Social Drinker, Alcohol Abuser, or Alcoholic

Alcohol Abuser, Alcoholic or Social Drinker

There are three main categories that users of alcohol fall into; social drinker, alcohol abuser or alcoholic. Most people who drink alcohol will not have any problems with their consumption; however, for those who do have a problem handling it, oftentimes, their problem will gradually worsen. At The Cabin Chiang Mai, we have helped thousands…
Personality Traits and Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics

Personality Traits and Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics

Research shows that adult children of alcoholics, or rather children who grew up in an alcoholic home, share similar personality traits in adult life. When used correctly, these traits can be very positive. Alcoholism is often referred to as a family disease, as it affects not only the alcoholic but everyone close to them. The…
10 Benefits Getting Sober

10 Awesome Benefits of Getting Sober

Having a hard time imagining what your life will look like after getting sober? Explore 10 of the biggest benefits you’ve got to look forward to when you stop using: Getting sober is hard work. It’s a challenging process that requires dedication and willpower – and, for many, adapting to life without using is difficult….
How Rehab Works Addiction Treatment Pathway

How Rehab Works: The Stages of Addiction Treatment

Unsure of exactly how rehab works? We’ve laid out the stages of addiction treatment for you, in this easy-to-follow infographic. Sharelines We explain the stages of #rehab, from #detox to lifelong #recovery: We explain the stages of #rehab, from #detox to lifelong #recovery:
Personality Traits of Addiction

Personality Traits That Are Common With Addiction

While no one is destined for addiction, there are certain characteristics that may put you at greater risk.  We take a look at the most common personality traits found among those who struggle with addiction. Behaviours that Increase Risk of Addiction You have most likely heard the term ‘addictive personality’, which insinuates that a person…
Can Baclofen Treat Alcoholism?

Is Baclofen Effective in Treating Alcoholism?

Various studies have been done on the effects of using baclofen to treat alcoholism, but the results are not exactly clear. Find out more about how this drug can (or cannot) be used to treat alcoholism. Everyone would love a quick fix to alcoholism – the ability to cure their disease with a pill the…
Xanax and Alcohol: A Combination that Could Kill

Xanax and Alcohol, the Deadly Duo

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances on the planet and Xanax, or alprazolam, is not very far behind. What most people do not know is that combining the two can be fatal – here’s why. Sharelines As a general rule, alcohol should not be combined with any medication, but is especially true with…
Alcohol Overdose

Do You Know the Signs of an Alcohol Overdose?

Alcohol is the most widely accepted (and abused) substance around the globe, most likely due in part to the fact that it is legal in most countries. Whether people are celebrating special events, trying to relax, or cheering on their favourite sports team, alcohol is very often included. But the dangers of overconsumption can be…