Autumn Alternatives to Alcohol and Drugs

Autumn Alternatives to Alcohol and Drugs

As the weather gets colder, you are more likely to stay inside, become less active and perhaps even less social. That is why relapse in colder months is more common. Use these tips to ensure you don’t relapse this cold season.

During any seasonal changes, when rhythms shift automatically, it can be easy to fall back into harmful patterns. The change of the seasons and the coming of autumn is a time that is problematic for many people in recovery. During the summertime, it may be easy to keep busy with sober activities – but with the onset of cold weather and the tendency to stay indoors, there may be more times when alcohol or drugs are present in the environment. Additionally, staying inside and having “cabin fever” or plain old boredom may increase the likelihood of using drugs or alcohol. For these reasons, it is important to be mindful and purposefully create situations that support your sobriety.

In this blog we will explore alternatives to substance use that are particularly useful during autumn, but can also be used throughout the year.

Brave the cold

It can be tempting to stay indoors when the weather starts to turn. Chills, winds, rains, and less daylight conspire to reduce your life to time spent at work or inside the home. Going outside can be a welcome break to the confines of your home. You might play a sport with friends, or simply go for a walk. There are plenty of things to see this time of year that make an ambulatory expedition worthwhile: birds flying south, leaves changing colour, and a hundred other unique sights, smells, and experiences to be had.

Keep a journal

As the weather and seasons change, it is a perfect time to reflect on the changes in your own life. With the general busy-ness of life, it can sometimes feel that amidst all the small changes, we are stuck going around in circles. One way to reawaken to the wonder that constantly surrounds you is to keep a journal. There are many ways to do so, from just jotting down general thoughts to having structured entries focused on goals. However you do it, consistency is the key. Try do to it every day, and if you miss a day, just try to pick back up as soon as you can. Soon you will be enjoying your daily writing and looking forward to reflecting on your life!

Take up a new indoor hobby

It seems kind of funny, but despite all the stimulation we get from media, social networks, and the internet, we can also experience boredom creeping into our lives. And, unfortunately, boredom can sometimes lead to considering the use of drugs or alcohol. One way to avoid this trap is to take up a new hobby which can be done indoors. There are so many to choose from, such as musical instruments, crafts, baking and other creative and artistic ideas. When you engage in a hobby, you develop your interests, build your confidence, create something meaningful, and can often develop new social connections. So, this autumn why not engage in a creative activity you’ve always wanted to do?

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