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Dr. Saji Joseph COUNSELLOR – MSW, PhD.
Education: Christ University, Bangalore, Mahatma Gandhi University

Dr. Saji is an Internationally Certified Addiction Professional and a Clinical Social Worker with a research background. He brings over 14 years of experience working in inpatient addiction treatment settings across various locations in Asia. Throughout his career, Dr. Saji has held positions such as Counsellor, Senior Addictions Therapist, Substance Abuse Counselor, and Senior Addictions Counsellor/Psychiatric Social Worker. His educational background includes a PhD in Social Work with a focus on addiction relapse prevention, a Master of Social Work specializing in medical and psychiatric social work, and an MPhil in Social Work. Additionally, Dr. Saji holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga, demonstrating a holistic approach to well-being.

Christ University, Bangalore
Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Social Work

Mahatma Gandhi UniversityMahatma Gandhi University
Master of Social Work – MSW, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work

Internationally Certified Addiction Professional, Clinical Social Worker, and Researcher with 14 years of clinical experience in inpatient treatment settings.

Yoga helps to harmonise the mind and body.

How Mindfulness Works in Addiction Recovery

Two main causes of relapse are personal triggers and stress. And while it may be somewhat easy for a recovering addict to avoid going to bars or hanging out with people they used with before getting sober, it’s not nearly as easy to avoid stress. Stressors, which are events or emotions that cause stress, are…