Alumni Updates: October

Alumni Updates October

Even though some 1000 clients have successfully completed treatment with us since we began operations in 2009, we still keep in touch with all of them and follow their progress – both through The Cabin’s Online Video Aftercare Programme and, more informally, through the personal relationships that our counsellors have built with many of their clients. Below is a selection of client updates that make us proud.

Recovery after relapse – life is even better

Deepak, Calcutta, Graduated Jan 2012

I am happy to report my continuing recovery and normal life. I was actually sober for 21 years before I relapsed in 2011 and drank for some 18 months – before coming to The Cabin 2011 Dec/2012Jan for treatment, which went wonderfully well. I am still in touch with most of the counsellors and it’s amazing how this life has changed for betterment.

My family is so happy – and life today feels fulfilling in many more ways than one. I have changed my lifestyle by inculcating some healthy habits – such as working out or swimming on a daily basis and eating healthy food etc. In fact I am meditating twice daily for 5 minutes and this has created a feel good factor in my mind and body. In totality my mind and body is contented and the feeling of living this life is there!

Alumni Updates October2 

Moving forward

Jarrod, Melbourne, Graduated April 2014

Since my graduation from the Cabin in April I have found that a whole new way of life has unfolded in front of me. Previously, I had thought that escaping through drugs and alcohol was the answer – now I have found that using the tools learnt at The Cabin, as well as the support from fellow graduates and other support groups not only helps me resolves life’s problems quicker but also opens up a lot more options to move forward.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing coming back to my using environment, with almost daily challenges in the first few months – either people or places that triggered my addiction seemed to be around every corner – and I am sure I looked odd on a few occasions. It’s not every day you see a 105kg heavily tattooed man meditating on a public train in Melbourne!

As I continue my journey I am committed to keeping my sobriety and to helping others achieve the sense of freedom I have gained since my time in The Cabin.

Alumni Updates October3

A day at a time

Steve, Oxford, Graduated Nov 2013

I have now been clean for just over 8 months and feel fantastic.  I must admit the first 6 months were a little tricky but I stayed close to the AA program and (against my natural instinct) sought much support.  Yes, it is very much a day at a time and so I stay close to AA Meetings – about 3–6 a week and then most days are covered by a bit of serenity and identification anyway.

I have grown to love and cherish the meetings I go to and the friends I have met there.  It might be a struggle sometimes but, on balance, life is a hundred times better than the misery I was living in during active addiction.  I feel present and free and am full of hope and optimism for the future instead of preoccupying my thought with getting off my face.

Alumni UpdatesOctober4

Working my recovery

Chris, Sydney, Graduated April 2014

I am 123 days clean and sober as of today 🙂

I did the expected things in recovery – 90 meetings in 90 days! I received a sponsor and was always aware of slippery behaviours! I have taken a service position in AA by setting up the meeting with banners and books and coffee and tea and will be chairing the meeting soon!