Alumni Update: Thanks 4 life

A beautiful poem penned by one of our clients when she left The Cabin, which she has graciously shared with us. Alumni Update Thanks 4 life
I would like to thank The Cabin Chiang Mai For showing me that it’s OK to cry You’ve helped me see the truth, good and bad I now understand that my life was completely mad My time here has been extraordinarily fun I’m very relieved I didn’t pack up and run Firstly I learned I do have the disease of addiction And that it may take my life with little prediction Secondly I learned that it can be arrested I no longer must live in the insanity which had manifested To begin with, process group seemed far too intense Though funnily enough, like everything, it began to make sense Week one felt like hell and I was very lazy The mind maps in step one proved I was crazy Powerlessness over drugs and my life’s unmanageability Embedded into my brain the dangers of my reality I finally began to enjoy improving my fitness I even got M.I.P on the board, you can all be my witness It’s not all smooth sailing, some days I cry This is why I’ll continue to give yoga and meditation a try There are boundaries to put in place, I must stay out of denial You can remove all my masks and be guaranteed a smile I shall return to The Cabin to say hi and share my story perhaps I’ll use everything I’ve got to ensure I don’t relapse Now it’s time for me to leave, almost my final hour Time to do what I’ve been taught and leave the rest to my higher power It’s rather difficult to find the words to say How grateful I am to be a part of NA Thank you to the counsellors, administration and support staff Thank you to the fitness team and the monk for making me laugh Thank you to the nurses, cleaners, masseuses and kitchen staff too In a nutshell, thanks to my peers and The Cabin I couldn’t have done it without you!!!!!

Since leaving The Cabin my life has completely changed. What was once an insane concoction of dangerous situations mixed with blurred vision of lies is now a rather peaceful, honest and appreciated lifestyle. I’ve been keeping in contact with many people that I met during my precious journey at the Cabin and am currently doing all the suggested things in order to stay clean, sober and most of all HAPPY!

Every Saturday I attend online aftercare sessions with a group from the Cabin to check-in and discuss various topics that are relevant to recovery. I attend one or two NA meetings every day and meet up with recovery friends on a regular basis. This helps considerably in feeling part of and enjoying the little things life has to offer. I found a beautiful sponsor and talk with her regularly about what’s going on for me. Her own experience is the necessary guidance that I need to ensure I am working the steps to the best of my ability. I’m re-connecting with beautiful friends whom I’d pushed away and best of all I’m making up for a ridiculous amount of lost time with my family due my addiction. This time is priceless and I am forever grateful for every second. My natural energy levels are through the roof and my gratitude list grows longer every day. 72 days clean and counting…. one day at a time!!!!