Alumni Update: My Recovery Recipe

Alumni Update My Recovery Recipe

I’m a chef which means I don’t get to do recovery by the book, far from it, in actual fact my recovery pretty much breaks all the rules there are, I’m constantly told to change careers but that’s easier said than done, I work with and around alcohol all day, I work with 2 functioning alcoholics who stink of booze and talk about drinking all day, my job is very stressful.

I’m around heavy drinkers and drug users and I don’t get to go to regular meetings because of the hours I work so I’ve had to botch together my own program.

I started with some, “Do your best and let the universe take care of the rest” got some sticky tape and chewing gum and stuck on a bit of “Life on life’s” and “One day at a time” quotes, tied on some “Distorted thought process control” and “Be aware of your triggers” with a pair of old shoelaces, added a sprinkle of daily meditation and shoved a load of “Keep it simple” in the gaps and there we have it –  from an outsiders perspective ‘she ain’t no looker’  but I’m pretty cosy inside. Sometimes you’ve just got to use what you’ve got, I’ll admit it’s not perfect, I hit a few bumps along the way and bits fall off but that’s ok, it’s still trundling along and that’s what matters.