Embarking on the path of rehab, I anticipated a mere kick-start to my journey towards sobriety. Little did I know that The Cabin’s holistic approach would unravel a profound exploration of my personality and behaviours, shedding light on their contribution to my struggles with alcoholism.

A Life-Changing Decision: April 18, 2015

Arriving at The Cabin on that fateful day marked a pivotal moment in my life. Desperation had led me to this decision, as my daily battle with escalating drinking seemed insurmountable. Determined to halt the downward spiral, I booked myself into The Cabin, unknowingly setting the stage for a transformative chapter in my life.

Breaking the Cycle: Understanding Personal Struggles

Childhood Challenges: A Misfit Seeking Connection

From a young age, I felt like a misfit, struggling to connect with peers. Bullied and shy, I coped by withdrawing and isolating myself. A traumatic event at 13 further fueled my isolation, setting the stage for a pattern of withdrawal that would persist.

Identity and Coping Mechanisms in College

Starting anew at 18 in Nursing College, I sought a fresh start. Alcohol became a coping mechanism, a way to fit in. I developed an identity as the one who could outdrink anyone, masking my inner turmoil.

Co-Dependency and Isolation

A relationship with a convicted killer marked a co-dependent phase, isolating myself to shield from judgment. The struggle continued for years until I found the courage to end the toxic relationship.

The Spiral Continues: From UK to Australia

A move to Australia brought new challenges in forming connections. Loneliness led me to a group of charismatic friends, triggering a cycle of self-doubt and increased reliance on alcohol to fit in.

Descent into Darkness: Depression and Dependency

The pressure to conform to the group’s standards intensified, leading to panic attacks and deepening depression. Alcohol became a crutch, numbing the pain until I found myself in a dangerous cycle of dependency.

Seeking Help: The Turning Point

Reaching Out to The Cabin

After failed attempts to have a sober day, I stumbled upon The Cabin. A prompt response and a commitment to a 3-week stay marked the beginning of my journey to recovery.

The Cabin Experience: A New Beginning

Arriving in Thailand, nerves and shakes accompanied me. Surprisingly, the atmosphere at The Cabin was lively and non-judgmental. Group sessions, personal training, counselling, and meditation filled my days, offering a stark contrast to the isolation I had known.

Discovering Authentic Connections

The group sessions, initially dreaded, turned out to be enlightening and liberating. Honest discussions revealed shared struggles, fostering deep connections with fellow participants. The camaraderie dispelled the fear of judgment, offering acceptance for who I truly was.

Unveiling the Self: Challenges and Growth

Addressing Core Beliefs: A Counselor’s Guidance

My counselor at The Cabin challenged me to confront my ingrained core beliefs. From struggling with boundaries to fear of not being liked, I navigated personal challenges within a safe, supportive environment.

Gaining Tools for a Brighter Future

Beyond detox and sobriety, The Cabin equipped me with tools to reassess life and behavior patterns. It provided the means to challenge deep-seated beliefs, paving the way for emotional and intellectual growth.

Gratitude and Sobriety: The Journey Continues

With 11 weeks of sobriety, regular gym visits, and a newfound focus on health, my life is transforming. The expertise of The Cabin’s staff has been instrumental in this journey, for which I am truly grateful. The future now holds promise, a testament to the life-changing impact of The Cabin on my path to recovery.

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