Alumni Update: “Honestly I have never felt so content in my whole life.”

Interestingly, my spirituality was the first thing to leave me on this extraordinary journey, yet it was also the first thing to come back, ahead of my physical and emotional health. And this triangle of life factors need to be kept well balanced to stay in shape. This is my work today.

Honestly I have never felt so content in my whole life

When I arrived at The Cabin in December 2015, I had lost all hope in myself and could not see a future worth living due to my addiction and lifestyle.  Looking back, I was a nightmare client – Denial was my middle name and I ignored my cross-addiction.  I relapsed twice on leaving, but The Cabin never gave up on me even when I had given up on myself, and this support saved my life for sure.

I am now over four months clean and I use the tools I learned there daily.  I especially find meditation and mindfulness help me to calm my mind and see things more clearly.  Getting honest with myself and the people I love has been hard, but also a huge relief.

I now live in Chiang Rai and I am involved with the fellowship community here and take part in the weekly outreach offered by The Cabin.  Honestly I have never felt so content in my whole life.

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