Alumni Update: For the Better

“For the Better”

 “As I recently encountered employment and marital problems, my substance abuse went through the roof and I sought refuge and recovery at The Cabin. Right from the start they helped me make transformative, meaningful and lasting changes for the better in my life.

I found their blended ‘three circles’ approach combining the best of the ‘secular’ 12 steps with cognitive behavior therapy spot-on and my needs were well addressed. I also quite liked the mindfulness and meditation content as well as the individualized attention accorded by their top-notch team of world-class counsellors. Unlike the other addiction treatment facility I tried unsuccessfully in the US many years ago, The Cabin experience is of enduring and profound benefit. I can honestly say that I feel like a much improved person for having spent 28 days there.”

By the way, I keep bumping into alumni here in Singapore…I was walking down the street yesterday and saw [American] Max, who is just out of Sober House. He was looking really good and is working the plan well. A few days earlier I encountered [British] John the lawyer in a restaurant, and he seemed hale and hearty.