Alumni Update: A Great Life!

Alumni Update A Great Life

Wow, my life is great, better than great! I will be ever grateful to the staff at The Cabin for saving me and giving me a normal happy life. I haven’t had a normal life for years and now I see things different.

My life now revolves round my family, don’t get me wrong this is what I want – playing with my children going to the park, movies , bike riding, going to the beach , Sea World, shopping , doing parent duties hearing my kids laugh…I just love my life.

Now I even have the body I want, I can now commit to a daily healthy lifestyle, which includes going to the gym, Mauy Thai and bike riding. The new healthy life also includes taking over the cooking for the family – much to their enjoyment. Not only has my time at The Cabin been a lifesaver for myself; my family are ecstatic to have a normal life as well. The Cabin can save your life and all the ‘thank-yous’ will never be enough.