Alumni Update: 3 Stories

Alumni Update 3 Stories

Here are three inspiring updates from former Cabin clients about their progress in recovery and how they get through life on a daily basis.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s been more than nine months since I left The Cabin and I’m still sober and doing fine. I relocated with my partner who doesn’t drink.

I do not have a job yet but I live a healthy life with exercise, etc. I go to weekly CODA meetings and sometimes attend AA and NA meetings as well.

I did have severe anxiety for months, and my father died recently. I went on antidepressants and am a lot less anxious now. I think The Cabin was very helpful in my recovery. I also think the month I spent at an Ayurvedic clinic in India before I came to The Cabin was very helpful as well.

Jeanne, Washington, Graduated September 2013 Alumni Update 3 Stories 2

This Life is More About Recovery than Anything

“I am well settled back in my day to day life but with some corrections and also mindful of the fact that I am an alcoholic and this life is more about recovery than anything else.”

My daily routine includes meditation twice and 15 minutes of reading and studying about my disease and a life around it. I am now regularly going to the gym for my workout and this helps me sleep better. The Saturday online meetings by The Cabin is also my regular weekly routine. I do not attend or cannot attend any AA meetings in my city for personal reasons. So many a times I attend online meetings and they help as well. I also find some of the YouTube videos are very informative. In other words I am well behaved in my recovery, so far so good!

My wife says that I am a changed person; I can’t say much here, I guess this is because the trust has slowly increased and reliability is present.

A life without any intoxication seems much better and I intend to enjoy every minute of it.

Deepak, Calcutta, Graduated January 2013

Alumni Update 3 Stories 3

Break through your limits

So far I have been out of The Cabin for almost 7 months. I was quite excited at the beginning, thinking I could have my freedom back. But the feeling of excitement didn’t last long. The first 2 weeks was a bit tough for me. Living in a new environment, re-structuring my daily routine, finding my way to meetings, meeting new people… Basically learning how to live my life in recovery, how to overcome my fears. For a while, I wished I could just go back to ‘the bubble’. I didn’t want to face challenges, the reality.

As days went by, my attitude started to change. I know I have to leave my past behind and move on. I am trying to stay on the positive side. Keeping myself busy always works for me. I go to different meetings, and am getting to know more people who can support me, and I’ve gotten more involved in the fellowship. As soon as I built up these connections, people offered me the opportunity to do service work, and found me a sponsor. Apart from that, I also signed up for different activities, such as Thai boxing, Aikido, piano, volunteering at a Christian church, etc.

I always apply what I have learnt from The Cabin to my current situation. Writing a gratitude list always helps me to stay positive. Whenever I have triggers or cravings, I would do the ‘ABC’ chart or have an online session with my therapist (provided from The Cabin).

From all those things, I have realised how much time and effort I had wasted on drug abuse. There is so much more I can do – something productive. I believe every one of us deserve to live a better life. Step out of your comfort zone, and break through your limits. Be willing to explore who you truly are. Embrace recovery, my friends. Reach out and seek for support from your family and peers. We are never alone.

Linda, Singapore, Graduated 30th January 2014