Addiction Recovery: I Quit Drinking, When Will My Life Get Better?

Addiction Recovery I Quit Drinking, When Will My Life Get Better

Addicts in recovery throughout the world want to know just how quickly certain things in their life will get better once they become sober. Because this question is so in demand, let’s break it down a bit further and take a look at general issues in an individual’s life that recovery will have an important effect on.

First and foremost it is important to note that every person recovers at different rates. Some relapse on and off for years before they become 100% sober while others are doing well after a few months.

Physical Health

Alcoholism can have serious consequences on the body, especially the liver.  Many individuals who drink too much are often out of shape and lack necessary nutrients to keep their body happy and healthy. When a person transcends into a recovering alcoholic, they may feel physically worse and even look very thin and unhealthy. What is important to remember here is that although it may not look like it, the individual will be healthier in recovery simply because they have discontinued drinking.  The body slowly begins to repair itself and thus takes time to fully heal. What is important is to drink water, eat better food, and begin to exercise. Over time, the recovering addict will feel healthier and happier than ever before.

Emotional Health

An addict in recovery from an addiction to alcohol may feel down or depressed, especially in the beginning. This could be due to loss of friends because they are not sober, the inability to find a job, not knowing how to stay occupied, etc. It is important to maintain a positive attitude during recovery; any individual who may be feeling like the above should understand that there are people to reach out to and get help and advice. These include meetings, groups, therapy, sponsors, sober friends and family, and also rehabilitation centers. Keeping a positive attitude or outlook on life, even on the days that are not so good, can make a world of a difference.

Mental Health

In cases of severe alcoholism, an addict may experience memory loss and learning difficulties. This can cause frustration, sadness, and even anger, which are all negative emotions that can have a hard impact on the individual’s recovery. Typically, these effects can be reversed through specialised therapy and techniques; which include but are not limited to, cognitive behavioral therapy, art, drama, music, and sound therapy. An addiction professional can help anyone experiencing this issue find the appropriate method of treatment.


One of the most important things that any recovering addict can do is to break ties with anyone who may threaten their own sobriety. Many people agree that although this is one of the hardest parts of getting sober, it is indeed the most valuable. Before searching for positive support and influences, disassociating with anyone who drinks or who may tempt a recovering addict into relapsing is the first step. Once this has been accomplished, the positive support and sober friends will come through meetings and groups, newfound hobbies, work, etc. For individuals who may have damaged a relationship as a result of their drinking, therapy can be very useful, as well as, letter writing, phone calls and of course time. Through time and patience, relationships can be rebuilt into healthy and happy ones.

Daily Life

Once an individual is in recovery, they will notice how clear their mind is and how much free time they now have.  Although the first few months, or maybe more, may seem foggy, it will begin to clear and the possibilities will seem endless. The gift of sobriety can bring about endless opportunities, including career advancements, going back to school, achieving dreams and goals and so much more.

Recovery allows the individual to use their newfound time to learn, create, and master new skills, which will only better their life. Recovery allows an individual to find true happiness and freedom through helping their self, others, and making a positive difference in life. It allows a person to have infinite possibilities while creating a new healthy experience for their own self.  So in a short summary, how quickly will your life get better now that you are in recovery? This depends on you and your actions and choices that you make; however, if you give sobriety a chance, the rewards will come and probably faster than you think!