6 Serious Signs That Your Drug Recovery is Under Threat

6 Serious Signs That Your Drug Recovery is Under Threat

Before any major drug addiction relapse; there are usually a few tell-tale signs that your drug recovery is under threat. The problem is, many ex-users (working hard to maintain and their sobriety) often don’t recognize the signs of relapse until it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you!

Going into addiction recovery treatment and re-gaining your sobriety is the most important thing you will ever do for yourself. And anyone who has done this will know it’s never an easy road. But, being aware of things that can and do go wrong and creating a plan of how you will prevent them – will help you notice the warning signs ahead of time. Relapse Prevention in Drug Recovery: Recognise the Warning Signs.

Denial, denial, denial

Rather than acknowledge you are feeling weak, you tell yourself – and everyone else –you’re fine. If people don’t know you need extra support they can’t give it to you. It’s okay to need help.

Avoiding your sponsor or people who will hold you accountable

Drug recovery is always easier when you have a dedicated person working with you as your support mechanism – through both good and bad times. When you start avoiding those people there is usually trouble ahead.

Feeling out of control

When obsession and compulsion rear their ugly heads, a relapse is often not too far away unless you get support quickly. Maybe you’re using other substances in an unhealthy way, like sex, exercise or caffeine? Anything done in excess is rarely good for you.

Feeling low and depressed

Low mood and depression are major relapse triggers. Just because you have committed to addiction recovery treatment, does not mean that you will never feel bad again. See point #2

Feel trapped and like you’re going nowhere

Often once the hard work of getting clean and starting your drug recovery programme is over, people can feel like their progress has stalled. They can’t see the almost daily improvements like they did in the beginning, and they start to doubt themselves.

Just the one

This is probably the most dangerous threat to your drug recovery, and most recovering addicts usually have to learn this through painful trial and error. If you have already ‘been there, done that’, then don’t fall in to this trap again. Get help whilst you’re still sober, as getting back on track is much easier at this stage.

If you have never received any professional support or addiction treatment, and feel like you’re in danger of undoing all your clean time. Today is the perfect day to do something about it. Pick up the phone and get in touch, as there are people who can, and want to help. To see if we can help you get in touch with the staff at The Cabin, as our team is always on hand to answer your questions.