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Relapse Prevention & Aftercare at The Cabin

Relapse Prevention in the form of a structured aftercare programme has been proven to increase the overall effectiveness and success of any addiction treatment programme. Here at The Cabin Chiang Mai, we know that aftercare is essential to relapse prevention, and therefore the success of any treatment programme. We place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring clients have access to the aftercare they need.

The Cabin's Unique Online Aftercare Programme – Individual and Group Counselling

As our clients come from all over the globe, making it difficult to provide aftercare in person The Cabin has created a unique and what is proving to be a highly effective online video aftercare programme. Using sophisticated online video technology and dedicated, hi-speed internet connections, we are able to engage up to 8 people, including a counsellor, in a face to face group aftercare session where all participants can see and interact with each other.  Alternatively, we offer one on one online aftercare counselling. 

Whilst other rehabs offer aftercare online using such tools as Skype, The Cabin is the only rehab world-wide that offers a sophisticated and interactive platform that enables all participants to see and engage with each other simultaneously. And it's free and available to all ex-clients.

The therapeutic value of online aftercare includes:

  • Providing continuity of treatment. Treatment should not end when you leave rehab.
  • Proven to aid in Relapse Prevention.
  • The personal touch of seeing a counsellor face to face.
  • Online counseling offers the client the ability to stay connected to a professional level of care in a convenient from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own home.
  • Allows client's to step down in care gradually which has been proven to be helpful for anyone leaving an intensive inpatient treatment program.
  • Getting to see the familiar faces of your peers met during your time in rehab, a strong source of support.
  • Provides regular and easy access to professional help on relapse prevention.
  • Helps deal with PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) which are significant in early recovery.

How to Participate

Group Counselling – Free to Cabin Alumni, Conducted Saturday Mornings and Afternoons

Currently multiple group sessions are conducted every Saturday, both in the morning and the afternoon, to accommodate northern and southern hemisphere clients. If you would like more information on the group aftercare programme, and to find out how you can participate, please email [email protected]. Please note, sessions are free but you must be an ex-client of The Cabin to participate.

Individual Counselling – Fees Apply, Conducted by Appointment

Individual sessions are conducted at a mutually agreed time that's suits both the counsellor and client. Appointments can take place any day of the week. If you would like more information on this exceptional aftercare programme, and to find out how you can participate, please email [email protected] or [email protected]. Please note, fees apply to individual sessions.

What is Relapse Prevention ?

The Cabin Chiang Mai defines relapse prevention as tools and techniques used to help people with drug and alcohol addictions. You will learn how to cope with any difficulties you have during your recovery. You will also learn to effectively manage and overcome any stressors or triggers in your environment that may make you want to drink or use and cause you to fall back into an addiction.

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Mindfulness
  • Identify your warning signs
  • Knowing your triggers
  • Managing your sober time
  • A solid foundation for your recovery

What you will learn about Relapse Prevention at Rehab

Relapse Prevention

During your treatment for your addiction, you will be involved in various therapies and activities that will help you to learn about relapse prevention. Our rehab will help you to understand your addiction and everything that may have helped to cause it. Once these things are recognised, we will show you what you can do to change these ways or behaviors. Cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy are both excellent for teaching new tools and techniques to help with situations in the real world that may cause a relapse. While you are at our drug and alcohol rehab, there will be a lot of focus on the importance of relapse prevention. You will do certain activities during your therapy treatments that will help you to gain knowledge about preventing a relapse.


We have incorporated a relatively new rehab treatment known as Mindfulness into our programme. Mindfulness practice will help you develop new thought patterns that may help you to have a new sense of personal power, renewed alertness, and highly improved ability to avoid a relapse.

Identify your warning signs

A relapse does not just suddenly occur. There are many things that will lead up to it such as outside influences and stress. There will always be some sort of warning sign or triggers before it happens. Our rehab will teach you how to identify these signs, and then show you what to do when they occur.

Knowing your triggers

Triggers are anything that may cause you to use drugs or alcohol. While you are at our rehab for treatment, you will learn what triggers are and how to handle them. Counsellors and therapists will help you to identify what any of your triggers may be. Once you are able to understand what may trigger you, you will be prepared for these triggers and may prevent a relapse before it starts.

Managing your sober time

While you are getting treatment at our rehab you will learn how to manage your sober time. In doing so, you will be able to keep yourself occupied and prevent any type of boredom. During your treatment, you will partake in various activities like yoga, swimming, biking, and much more. You may find out that you really enjoy one of these activities and continue it back home when you finish your addiction treatment. Keeping yourself occupied can be great for preventing a relapse.

A solid foundation for your recovery

There are multiple challenges that you may face once you have finished your addiction treatment at our rehab. During the first 90 days after rehab, maintaining your sobriety may be difficult. You will be back in your own environment and may be dealing with many feelings and emotions. The Cabin Chiang Mai recognises these challenges and difficulties and will prepare you for this before you finish treatment at our rehab. We will help you to create a relapse prevention plan. This will help you to recognise everything that may cause you to relapse and will show you how you can avoid them. A relapse prevention plan will give you a solid foundation for a long term recovery.

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