Sunday Excursions.

Sunday Excursions

Learning to enjoy life again without drugs and alcohol is an important part of the recovery process. The Cabin Chiang Mai is lucky enough to be located in a part of the world renowned for its wealth of natural-adventure and cultural attractions such as whitewater rafting, zip-lining, elephant parks and much more. We encourage our clients to make the most of Chiang Mai’s natural and cultural splendor by participating in the host of professionally operated activities we organize every Sunday, where they are always under the watchful care of our clinical support team.

Depending on the length of a client’s programme, he or she will have the opportunity to go on anywhere from two to 12 different excursions. These Sunday excursions also offer the opportunity to take great “holiday” photos to show friends, family and coworkers.

Below are the excursions we offer. Every Sunday we select three activities from this list and then let clients choose which activity they would like to go on that day.

Cycle and Kayak in a national park

Cycle 20 km on rural country lanes to the Mae Ngud Dam in the Sri Lanna National Park, then swap your bikes for kayaks and paddle to the floating raft restaurant in the middle of the Mae Gud reservoir. Enjoy a delicious Thai lunch followed by a lazy afternoon of relaxing or swimming before returning via the same route.

Cycling Tour

2-Cycling Tour

A 3/4 day tour that allows you to get a very good impression of northern Thai culture from its history to rural life and handicraft industry. Cycling at a leisurely pace along the banks of the Ping River that takes you through villages and orchards, we make pit stops at an ancient temple, a former leper colony, and of course, for a mouthwatering lunch at Ban Tawai – a village renoned for its hand-made wood artifacts where you can spend time browsing and watching the local artisans at work.

White Water Rafting

A whitewater adventure on the gushing Mae Tang River that begins with a detailed brief of the route and safety procedures. Then for almost three hours you will be lifted and thrown through multiple Grade 3 and 4 rapids. Of course, this is interspersed with calmer stretches of leisurely floating – where you get to enjoy the beauty of the lush tropical rainforests on either bank, as well as a couple of quaint riverside villages. Each trip is supervised by experienced guides, ensuring international standards of safety.

Thai Cooking Class

This one-day cooking class gives you a full flavoured taste of Thailand’s famed cuisine. It begins with a visit to a local market where you learn to identify popular Thai cooking ingredients and what can be used as substitutes for them. Upon arrival at the school, everyone is taken on a tour of its organic farm to pick the produce to be used in their cooking. Each person gets their own cooking station and the opportunity to prepare a total of five dishes. The highlight, of course, is sitting down together to share and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Jungle Tour

5-Jungle Tour

Spend the day trekking through dense tropical jungle in an untouched natural ecosystem on the outskirts of Chiang Mai city in the Wang Thong area. Here, surrounded by exotic tropical fauna you will also get the chance to abseil down a limestone waterfall under the guidance of professional guides. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a natural ‘Jacuzzi’ where you can relax and cool down in clear, clean water – after your heart-pounding abseiling adventure.

Zip Line Tour

For our more adventurous clients, there is the opportunity to spend a morning whizzing through rainforests 80 metres above the ground, punctuated with bouts of rope ladder climbing, bamboo bridge crossing and other similar balancing acts, while connected only to a cable. The zipline ride operators will fit you out with all the necessary safety equipment and accompany you on the ride of your life, which is made up of 16 ziplines of varying lengths, 35 platforms, 3 abseil drops (15, 20 and 40 meters) and other challenges.

Hot Springs

7-Hot Springs

Sankampaeng Hot Springs is the perfect daytrip for those interested in health and well-being or just wanting to relax by expending the least energy. The natural spring is known for its curative properties and ability to rejuvenate the body due to its high Sulphur content. So here is an opportunity to soak your limbs in the soothing mineral water as well as get a de-stressing massage from the skilled local masseuses on site before concluding the day with a tasty local meal.

Temple Tour

8-Temple Tour

A tour of Chiang Mai’s three main temples – ancient edifices featuring intricate carvings and ornate hand painted murals – is a must for art and culture buffs.

Wat Phra Sing, built in 1345, is a premium example of Northern Thai architecture. It houses the Phra Singh Buddha, a highly revered statue.

Wat Chedi Luang, built in 144, features a towering, ruined Lanna-style pagoda in an architecturally compelling compound. Original home of the Emerald Buddha (now housed in Bangkok) you can now view a jade replica in its place.

Wat Chiang Mun, built in 1297, is the city’s oldest temple and home to several very ancient and very important Buddha images.

Elephant Parks

9-Elephant Parks

The Baanchang Elephant Park is a non-profit rehabilitation centre for elephants rescued from animal abuse operations that cares for these animals with the money it makes from visitor fees. Here you will be given an in-depth introduction to Thailand’s elephants – the national beast. You can also feed them, bathe them, learn how to make them answer to commands and take a ride on one if you fancy.



You can enjoy a round at The Gymkhana Golf Club located in the heart of Chiang Mai. It is a nine-hole course par 36 and length 2953 yards. The layout of this course is flat but not too easy to play. Fairways are very tight and hard.



A day of pure relaxation spent in the middle of the Mai Ngud Dam’s resorvoir on a houseboat-cum-restaurant that allows you to immerse yourself in the bosom of nature, as the dam is located in a beautiful wooded national park. You can dive off the houseboat and swim in the clean water, get in a kayak and paddle around the lake or pamper yourself with a Thai massage aboard. Lunch is a delicious affair of local Thai favourites and freshwater catch.

Umbrella Factory

One of Chiang Mai’s most famous symbols is the colourful Sa Paper parasol, traditionally carried by ladies to ward off the sun. Sa Paper is a cottage industry product made from the barks of Mulberry trees that grow in the surrounding hills. Spend a fascinating day at the Bo Sang Handicrafts Centre watching the parasols being assembled and hand painted with intricate designs. There is also a large handicrafts showroom with a variety of other trinkets made from Sa Paper, like hand fans and decorative stationary, which you can pick up as a mementos.

A Day in the Life

13-A Day in the Life

This excursion truly captures some of the elements of the country we are located in. You participate in a variety of activities throughout a day that starts at the Maetaman Elephant Camp – where you get to walk amidst the gentle giants. We then make our way to a small rice paddy to do some hands on rice farming and harvesting. Then it is time to enjoy a home cooked lunch in an authentic, teak Lanna-style house. It is followed by the highlight of the trip – teaching English to the children of a Hmong Hill Tribe village located in the surrounding mountains – providing both a fun and educational experience for all involved.

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