Practitioner’s Section

Practitioner’s Section

The Cabin Chiang Mai integrates the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Substance abuse, with 12 Step fellowship concepts to assist clients in regaining control of their lives and overcome their addictions. The addition of CBT to traditional 12 step concepts provides a harmonious treatment method which arms clients with techniques and skills to address addiction from both and individual and social framework. The Cabin prides itself on the use of only evidence based treatments in the treatment of clients.

The Cabin addresses not only treats alcohol and substance abuse, but behavioural addictions such as sex addiction in addition to treatment for underlying and complicating anxiety and mood disorders.

Staff at The Cabin are qualified Psychologists and Counsellors from a diverse background including the UK, Singapore and Australia and have experience is all facets of recovery including residential treatment, aftercare and outpatient case management.

The psychosocial aspect of the programme is further added to with the use of exercise, mindfulness meditation and therapeutic massage, all of which have an evidence base to relieve psychosocial distress and thus lower the possibility of relapse.

Clients attend twice weekly one on one therapy with their therapist looking at their core beliefs around alcohol and drug use and the impact that these beliefs are currently having on their lives and how to change these beliefs through the use of CBT techniques and strategies. Daily groups vary from psychodynamic process in nature to psycho-educational groups addressing such topics as brain chemistry, interpersonal relationships and anger. 


Referring professionals will be provided regular feedback on the progress of their client (if desired) or discharge summaries when clients leave treatment. Professionals are given an open line of communication with client's therapist so that they may provide feedback or advice if required.

Each client, on discharge, will have an individual aftercare plan written in conjunction with their counsellor to ensure that they have a programme which they are able to engage with after leaving The Cabin. Clients have 8 weeks of aftercare with their therapist which includes email and telephone contact focusing on feedback on functioning, challenges and current compliance to the Aftercare programme. Clients are also provided with CBT worksheets to enable them to stay engaged with the therapeutic process so that they may continue their recovery journey.

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