Going to an Overseas Rehab for Addiction Treatment

Why Australians find effective and affordable rehab treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction at The Cabin Chiang Mai

Australians represent our largest client group here at The Cabin and are coming in increasing numbers due to the popularity and success of the rehab treatment model we provide over what is generally available in Australia. People from all of Australia's major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, as well as many regional and outback centres, have attended The Cabin's residential inpatient treatment program with great success. The program is focused solely on addiction and resolving the underlying causes behind it. Our approach to treatment, and our goal, is recovery not harm minimization.

Since opening our doors in late 2009, The Cabin has successfully treated over 800 clients with the largest client group coming from Australia.

Why Do Australians Come?

Frustratingly, at home Australians are faced with the option of insurance-financed treatment in highly clinical psychiatric settings where they are frequently mixed in with people suffering mental illnesses not relevant to addiction such as schizophrenia, or free government-funded treatment with long waiting lists and a client group including often unmotivated court-ordered addicts. This is particularly the case with the East Coast's major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, as well as on the West Coast in Perth. Rural and regional areas are faced with even more limited options for effective addiction treatment. In addition, the emphasis in Australia on out-patient addiction treatment, even in private settings, is one which denies the client the space to escape the triggers of their immediate environment.

Australians and Alcohol 

Australians have long been regarded as a laid-back and friendly people always quick to start or join a party and enjoy a few drinks with mates. However, there is a darker side to this seemingly benign “party culture” that sees alcohol abused by many Australians creating a litany of alcohol related problems from binge drinking to long-term alcoholism.  And the consequences for your health when you abuse alcohol are devastating, ranging from deterioration in brain function, to cirrhosis of the liver to a multitude of cancers. On top of this, alcohol is a major contributing factor in all violent crime in Australia as well as a key contributor to road deaths, serious injury, sexual assault and suicide. Statistics from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and in fact all major Australian cities, bear this out.

Why Attending an Alcohol Rehab is Essential to Your Recovery

Attending an alcohol rehab is the most powerful and effective way to break the cycle of alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehabilitation is the process of helping individuals overcome their physical and psychological addiction to alcohol.  Rehab provides the tools to change behavior and provides the techniques of recovery until they can be taken up intuitively and effortlessly. The goal of treatment is to create recovery in an addict and make it easy enough to sustain.

The Cabin Chiang Mai is an inpatient rehabilitation centre located in Thailand. Our Western-trained and qualified staff enable individuals to discover the root causes of their addiction and to learn how to build a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

At The Cabin we operate a program which has gained an exemplary reputation amongst medical professionals and is comparable to the best private rehab centres in the West. We have a psychiatrist, two psychologists and a team of nurses on site at all times. Our counselling team is comprised of eight Western registered drug and alcohol specialists with personal experience of recovery from addiction. Exposure to specialists who have achieved recovery themselves is a key part of learning the tools which people suffering addictions need to acquire. We are recognized for our excellent recovery success rates.

Despite our luxury facility, and high quality program, The Cabin is also very affordable with prices at 1/3 of comparable treatment in the West. What is more, our proven track record and 96% completion rate have given us the confidence to offer a unique pro rata refund to those (very rare) clients who choose to leave the program prematurely.

All of the above combine to make The Cabin Chiang Mai an obvious choice for Australians seeking effective treatment for alcohol dependence.

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