Learning to enjoy life again without drugs and alcohol is an important part of the recovery process. The Cabin Chiang Mai is lucky enough to be located in a part of the world renowned for the wealth of adventurous activities on offer including white water rafting, mountain biking, elephant trekking and much more. The Cabin encourages clients to make the most of all this every Sunday as it takes clients out on a host of activities that are professionally run and attended by Cabin counselling and medical staff.

Depending on the length of your programme, you will have the opportunity once a week on Sundays to go on anywhere from 2 – 12 different excursions. You can take “holiday” photos on these excursions to show your friends, family and coworkers.

Our weekly excursions include a variety of activities for you to choose from:

  • Elephant Trekking
  • Hill Tribe Trekking
  • Nighttime Safari
  • Canoeing
  • National Park Tour
  • White Water Rafting
  • Thai Cooking Classes
  • Jungle Zip Line Tour
  • Waterfalls & Hot Springs
  • Monkey & Tiger Sanctuaries
  • Buddhist Temples
  • Fishing
  • Thai Jewellery Making
  • ATV Jungle Tour
  • Elephant Parks
  • Chiang Mai Zoo
  • Chiang Rai Tour


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