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Australia currently has an estimated 50,000 meth addicts, and with no dedicated treatment program, no legal substitute drug and little understanding of the drug itself, Australia, like much of the world, is facing a meth epidemic of epic proportions. Authorities appear to be ill-prepared to stop the ice wave that is sweeping the country. Combine this with the fact that meth (also known as ice, crystal meth, speed, crank, trash, tweak and more) is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs available today – quickly taking a heavy toll on the user’s mental and physical well being, and you can quickly see why this drug is having a devastating affect on Australian society.

Another worrying aspect of meth use is that it is much more prevalent in mainstream, youth culture than many other drugs because, unlike drugs like heroin which are traditionally injected, meth can be snorted or smoked creating a seemingly benign, non-addictive rush that goes hand in hand with a party atmosphere. However, the truth is that meth is more additive than heroin and its affects leave the police, emergency services, hospitals and healthcare intuitions struggling to cope. Padded cell type isolation rooms are now are common feature in many Australian hospitals as they struggle to come to terms with the consequences of meth, and lives are being ruined and families destroyed. As one meth addict put it, the only rehab available is jail and the only escape is to end up in an institution or dead.

Why Attending a Drug Rehab is Essential to Your Recovery

Attending a drug rehab is the most powerful and effective way to break the cycle of meth addiction. Drug rehabilitation is the process of helping individuals overcome their physical and psychological addiction to meth.  Rehab provides the tools to change behavior and provides the techniques of recovery until they can be taken up intuitively and effortlessly. The goal of treatment is to create recovery in an addict and make it easy enough to sustain.

The Cabin Chiang Mai is an inpatient rehabilitation centre located in Thailand. Our western-trained and qualified staff enable individuals to discover the root causes of their addiction and to learn how to build a healthier, more productive lifestyle. At The Cabin we operate a program which has gained an exemplary reputation amongst medical professionals and is comparable to the best private rehab centres in the West. We have a psychiatrist, two psychologists and a team of nurses on site at all times. Our counselling team is comprised of eight Western registered drug and alcohol specialists with personal experience of recovery from addiction. Exposure to specialists who have achieved recovery themselves is a key part of learning the tools which people suffering addictions need to acquire. We are recognized for our excellent recovery success rates.

Located in a tranquil riverside location just outside the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, a short international flight away from all major Australian cities, our luxurious facility offers elegant, private rooms, world-class service, excellent amenities and world renowned Thai hospitality.

Despite our luxury facility, and high quality program, The Cabin is also very affordable with prices at 1/3 of comparable treatment in the West. What is more our proven track record and 96% completion rate have given us the confidence to offer a unique pro rata refund to those (very rare) clients who choose to leave the program prematurely.

Since opening our doors in late 2009, The Cabin has successfully treated over 800 clients with the largest client group coming from Australia.

All of the above combine to make The Cabin Chiang Mai an obvious choice for Australians seeking effective treatment for meth dependence.


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