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Success Rates and Evidence Based Research

Evidence of the success rates of rehabs around the globe is not easy to find. However, at The Cabin we believe strongly in evaluating our performance and publishing the results in appropriate forums. Our treatment completion rate of 96% is well documented on this site and in our literature. What the two tables below represent is our current results for two of the most popular psychometric testing scales – DASS and DTCQ. These results are compiled and verified by a registered psychologist with the Australian Psychologist’s Board.

DASS Scale - Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale

DASS is a psychometric test that evaluates a person's emotional wellbeing taking in to account depression, anxiety and stress. Please note, a lower score is better.

January to December 2011, 2012 and 2013 based upon clients completing treatment. 

Depression moves on average from Severe to Normal
Anxiety from Severe to Normal
Stress from Severe to Normal.

DTCQ - Drug Taking Confidence Questionnaire

This second chart shows clients subjective belief in their ability to abstain from drugs and alcohol given stressful or testing situations. In 2011, on intake they felt they would abstain 46% of the time when faced with stressors and on discharge 88% of the time. In 2012 these figures were 49% and 87% respectively. In 2013 they were recorded at 53% and 86% respectively. Please note, a higher percentage is better. 

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