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Why the Cabin?

Listed below are many reasons why The Cabin is the right choice for you including our tranquil and beautiful location, our excellent facilities and dedicated staff, our excellent reputation and competitive prices. But after being with us for just a short while, you will come to realise that the best reason to have chosen The Cabin is our innovative and effective treatment programme that will set you on a path to recovery and a new, better life.

  • All drug and alcohol addiction treatment programmes are inclusive of private accommodation, all meals, individual and group addiction counselling sessions, fitness therapy, massage treatment, weekly excursions and aftercare coaching.
  • Our signature treatment programme is an intensive highly-progressive programme tailored and designed to maximise your recovery chances
  • Programme completion rates of 96% equal the best recovery rates known in Asia
  • Unique refund policy
  • The Cabin's holistic approach emphasises fitness therapy, capitalising on our beautiful natural environment and beautiful resort setting
  • Our secular approach, though, means that there is a non-religious flavour to it, and all cultures and all faiths are happily catered for
  • Western-trained, professionally accredited counsellors on staff
  • Top  quality medical staff are on hand at all times
  • The Cabin has created an alliance with the best international hospital in Northern Thailand, approved by the British Medical Council among others, ensuring access to the highest standards of professional medical support
  • Recognised and accepted as a rehabilitation treatment provider by leading international health insurance companies
  • Our comprehensive after-care programme also means we continue to support you, and monitor your progress, well after you leave The Cabin
  • Chiang Mai's temperate sub-tropical climate has arguably the best weather year-round in Asia
  • Chiang Mai is less than a one-hour flight from Bangkok and there are over 20 direct flights daily as well as several international daily direct
  • We offer an action-packed itinerary of excursions as part of your intensive holistic treatment
  • For centuries, Thailand – especially the Lanna Kingdom of northern Thailand – apart from being a spiritual centre, has also had a traditional culture based on ancient principals of wellness
  • 1 in 10 arrivals into Thailand each year come here to seek medical treatment at one of its 8 internationally certified hospitals
  • Last but not least, Thailand offers mouth-watering cuisine, Thai food being one of the most popular international foods available worldwide


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