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As Asia’s most respected drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, we offer affordable, high quality addiction treatment in an environment designed for healing and growing. Located in the charming and cultural city of Chiang Mai in the rolling mountains of Northern Thailand, your privacy and anonymity are absolutely assured at our secluded riverside facility. Comprised of comfortable and airy teakwood cabins set along the Ping River, the atmosphere is perfectly conducive to your recovery.

Our approach is comprised of a modern, intelligent, physical and holistic treatment programme for which we are commended amongst the medical community globally. The principal treatment used is Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy (CBT), a highly personalised approach tailored to the individual's specific needs. This is combined with the renowned 12 Steps method, which has been 'secularised' and 'rationalised' by our clinical team to better suit modern addiction terminology and treatment. The core programme is augmented by Mindfulness (therapeutic meditation techniques) and tailored Exercise Therapy. The overall aim is to create both a sound mind and body.

Our affordability stems not from sacrificing standards with respect to staff, treatment, accommodation or facilities, but rather in the low operating cost of our location in Thailand, regularly rated as the best-value tourism destination in the world. Put simply: we are able to offer a world-class recovery programme at a price almost 1/3 of comparable treatment in Western countries, even though we employ highly qualified Western professionals.

The added benefits are privacy and anonymity far from your usual addiction triggers, and the chance to enjoy inspiring excursions in one of the world's greatest adventure destinations and our proven track record of completion and recovery rates also giveus confidence to offer a unique refund policy.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programmes are all inclusive of private accommodation, all meals, individual and group addiction counselling sessions, fitness therapy, massage treatment, weekly excursions and aftercare coaching.

Our Weekly Program (view schedule) is varied and dynamic creating a lifestyle for our clients which is both interesting and exciting and conducive to their recovery.

Also included in your treatment will be :

  • Regular One on One sessions
  • Daily Group Therapy sessions
  • Personal Training & Fitness
  • Massage treatments
  • Drama Therapy and Art Therapy
  • Excursions
  • Relapse Prevention Plan


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